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    None of the above. #-o Mainly with bow but every now an then I like to hear the simple stick roar ;)
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    real mean ONLY bowhunt ;)

    Real MEN can spell.

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    I’ve bowhunted only the last 2 years, killed 1 deer with the MZ the year before that. I had a fear about “giving up” the gun during the rut, but the last 2 years with a bow during that time have been the most satisfying hunt experiences I’ve ever had.

    BTW, guns are for girls!! :D ;) :thumbup [=}=]

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    real mean ONLY bowhunt ;)

    Well, then I’m not a real man…….but I’m a meat hunter, and the only beef I’ve bought in the last 2 years has been beef ribs (about 5 packs total) and those frozen beef patties that my wife loves to fix for herself. Other than that, it’s been Moose instead of beef……..and I’m not about to pass on a chance to harvest an animal just because I can’t get close enough to a legal bull with my bow [=}=] (just like I won’t pass on an legal animal in the 1st 5 minutes of season just because there’s still the rest of the season to hunt………. [=}=] )[/quote:380zqynd]

    I don’t think anyone[/i:380zqynd] would be critical of that, Nip. :thumbup The traditions of hunting are steeped in firearms, and while it may seem skewed simply because this is an archery forum, bowhunters certainly don’t comprise the majority of the hunting community.

    Bowhunting is generally tougher, so I imagine that as in all walks of like, it’s easy to fall into a superiority complex simply because some voluntarily choose a more difficult path. But as you note, bowhunting often times reaps fewer rewards. Personally, I think it’s great that you would rather take your own games rather than settling for the stuff in plastic wrap at the grocery. :thumbup

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    I love the sound of my 325 wsm sounding off! :thumbup
    I bow hunt the first part of the season. Then when gun season starts. The guns come out. Then back to bow at the end of the year. Then the 2 week muzzle loader season. Then it’s turkey with bow or Mossberg!
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    I do both, at least I carry my rifle and bow when I’m out moose hunting during rifle season………if I have the chance then I’ll shoot with the bow, if I can’t get close enough, then it’s rifle all the way………..too much meat and too little chances to waste an opportunity [=}=]

    Good answer Derek. =D/>” title=”Applause” />  <img src=

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    Ohio SWB

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    I only Bowhunt …
    -}}}--------------------> shooting Helim and now switchy is retire hangin on the wall!
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    Bow Only for the past 7 years now……
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    Bow only. :thumbup
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    all the time :thumbup
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    Will I’m 2 of the choices.
    just when its not gun season and 50-50
    I’ll always use my handguns.. :thumbup
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    bow only, all the time and by choice.
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    im going to try to bow hunt only this year this is the first year ive got to bow hunt in a long time so im going to enjoy it :X
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    i bowhunt only…never killed a deer with a gun
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    I still gun hunt also. [=}=]
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