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  • March 28, 2006 at 7:19 pm #495061 Back to Top REPORT

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    Ok, thought I would run a poll myself. I must admit that I stick to the bow only. Messed with the boomsticks for a while but just wasnt my thing. I like that extra extra challenge and the sense of accomplishment of the bow.
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    I bowhunt, blackpowder, rifle, waterfowl, bowfish, trotline, rod and reel fish, jugline, spear fish, fly fish, noodle, and trap. I am a purist. (Pure outdoorsman :D )
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    I prefer to hunt with a bow. But, I hunt with a rifle on occasion. It has been a few years since I have killed anything with a rifle. [/color:j3ga15vv]
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    Bow for me. I have to admit that I will take a gun MAYBE once per season but the bow is it for me. I just about got to the point where my guns never were shot but over the last six years I started shooting competition and I love it. So, I hunt with the bow and Competition shoot with pistol, rifle and shotgun.
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    100% bow for me. even though sometimes i have the itch for picking up my .308 during gun season.
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    I enjoy bowhunting more so then rifle hunting, on the flip side Iam much more selective when it comes to rifle hunting and tend to hold out for a mature buck. Being the difficulty of bow hunting, I will use my bow tag for doe or buck. I also hunt with blackpowder, small caliber rifles for Fox and coyote, and shotgun for small game.
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    Haven’t used a rifle or shotgun for Deer hunting in quite a few years now,strictly bow for deer.

    I will still use a shotgun for turkeys tho……… [=}=]

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    Bow and muzzleloader for me, although I must admit I do enjoy the occassional deer drive with old faithful (my 20gauge). :-$
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    To be accurate, I should have clicked the guns and bows option – but I liked the hunt anything with a rock response. Pretty funny! :D

    For deer, someday I may go to hunting exclusively with my bow. However, I’m also an avid bird hunter so I’ll at least keep a scatter gun or two laying around! :thumbup

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    Bow/Gun here…I use Handguns “Encore” from rabbits to deer.
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    Bow only for me. The only way i’ll use a rifle is if a landowner wants me to cull out some does or management bucks and needs a lot killed in a short time. Guns don’t come close in excitement as bowhunting IMO.
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    I haven’t shot a deer with a gun in a few years,all bow there. I did get my bear with a rifle this year, but don’t plan on shooting one again unless it’s with my bow.
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    When trophy hunting – Bow only. We have a spike/doe season and if it gets late in the season I’ll grab the 264 and drop as many as I need to.

    Otherwise, in general:

    Bobcats – Bow Only
    Coyotes – Bow 1st, but I’ve got some 95g V-max for the 264 that’s 3500 fps that practically skins them for you.
    Javelina – Bow Only
    Piggies – Prefer a full moon and the bow, but sometimes pig hunting becomes a social thing (peer pressure) and we might have rifles or pistols.
    Turkey – you guys got me thinkin’ about doin it this year, bow only.
    Elk – Bow Only, simply because years when I go I only have a week.
    Bear – If I get the chance, Bow Only

    I keep thinking I’ll pick up a recurve for bowfishing because the rivers around here have lots of gar, but haven’t yet.

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    indiana redneck

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    I prefer to bow hunt but i hunt with a slug gun & muzzleloader also. [=}=]
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