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    This is for West Central Illinois. Hunted up there last year Nov. 7-13 and had good action 7-9 and then on the 13. the 10-12 seemed to be a lull with the big boys locked down. Weather was great, they just didn’t move. This year, we’ve got the option to hunt Oct. 30-Nov. 5; Nov. 6-12, or a combination of the two. Which would you hunt?
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    I like September 15 to January 30.
    But seriousy I think the rut comes in earlyer than most of the guys I hunt with,
    Oct 15 to the first week in Nov. for me
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    6-12 :thumbup
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    slicked it

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    Both time slots are great times to be in the woods but if I could only choose one, I would go with the latter of the two.
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    Rather B. Hunting

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    I don’t know about Illinois particularly, but I’d pick the earlier week where I live. Give me the height of pre-rut when they’re still seeking and covering lots of ground. Chasing and breeding periods get tougher because it’s hard to get a big boy to stop long enough to stick him.
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    I don’t think you can go wrong planning for either of those weeks, it’s just a matter of hitting the weather right. Last year it was hot through the first few days of November and then it turned rainy and windy which didn’t make it a whole lot better. My wife knows that the last week of October and the first two weeks of November I’ll be a tree-stand! If I had to choose one it’d be the 1st week of November.

    Good luck.

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    Both time slots are great times to be in the woods but if I could only choose one, I would go with the latter of the two.

    X2 :thumbup
    Last year I had planned to hunt the earlier week but when I saw temps forecasted in the 60s and 70s I switched over to the later week. I took a real nice buck on the 12th of Nov. with mid day temps in the low-mid 40s. Glad I switched. I was hunting Illinois also.

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    triple drop

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    I belive more honey-moons are constimated on October 30th in Wisconsin than any other day. :D
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    I would have to say, either or! You see, the rut starts when the first doe comes into estrus, so therefore, depending on when she comes in would depend which week would be my choice! :thumbup
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    Mathews Technical 2

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    halloween bucks…..have two that I have taken on that date…… :thumbup
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    I live in northwestern Il. after 18 years of hunting here I always take the last week of oct. off work. My wife and I always see the big ones moveing then. :D [=}=]
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    Wellllll, looking at the buck you killed in Ill. last year, I would stick to the same time :D :thumbup
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    Hunt everyone of those days :thumbup

    To make things easy I just made sure I won’t be at work this year from October 21’st through November 18th. Only have to use 9 days vacation/comp for that stretch. Considering I still have 23 days of time off left this year and more comp on the way, I think it should be time well spent.

    With that said Halloween through the first week of November I see a lot of mature bucks moving around here. Once rifle season opens here on November 7th, I’ll be bow hunting those two weeks in Wisconsin.

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    With hunting IL my whole life growing up there Oct for sure no dought about it
    :thumbup :thumbup
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    Either could be good, but I’d take the 6th-12th personally. The first week of November can be good or bad depending upon the year, but the second week will provide good rut action pretty much every year.
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