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    After the season I will need a new string and cable. Which one should I buy?
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    Vapor trail that is what I use!
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    WorldsBest. :thumbup
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    i have heard nothing but good things about worlds best. i have just ordered some for my bows, and i can tell you this, their (worlds best) customer service is outstanding. i emailed for some info, and they actually called me! well, most places around here act like they are doing you a favor. we talked for 15 min, and that sold me. if they are no better than what i used to use, i will still switch, just to deal with them.
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    Worlds Best. Hands down :thumbup
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    One of the string makers in your poll, which will remain nameless, had excellent customer service and dropped everything to help me by replacing messed up cables or strings for no charge, but withing a years time I went through 3 of their sets all which had extremely loose servings in various spots. I even had one of the servings around a QCC come loose and start letting go. Excellent to deal with, and I am sure I got a stroke of bad luck, but I’ve had 4 sets of Bucknastys on 4 different bows and not a single problem with one of them. Tight servings. virtually no creep, and one of the most down to earth guys I’ve ever dealt with. But with his demand, place an order before you need them, cause it’ll probably be a few weeks
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    I voted “other”

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