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    Cobra an no problems
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    Tru Ball Xtreme. Used a Scott Shark for years and it’s a very fine release. I wanted to try a thumb trigger to get rid of the wrist strap so I first tried a True Fire Camo Hunter. I liked the style and I actually shot better. Then I found the TruBall on sale for a ridiculous price (like $79!) so I bought it and liked it even better. Now the True Fire is my backup.
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    scott sabretooth with a spring trigger i like a double caliper release and the spring is the best thing i ever bought i quit punching the trigger and it cost me 6 bucks cant say enough about the spring and it fits all of scotts deluxe modle releases
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    Scott Sabertooth – Durability
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    Scott Shark! made for big hands. wouldnt shoot anything else.
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    TRU ball Cyclone.


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    Carter RX-1. I also have and use from time to time a Carter Squeeze Me. Looking at picking up a Chocolate Addiction or Only as well. I have a few releases collecting dust including a TruBall short-n-sweet and Scott Mongoose.
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    Multiple Models
    Because They’re the Best
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    Tru Ball
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    5 year old post :^O

    Carter Chocolate

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    I’ve already wore out the ones I was going to vote for … [-(

    Who/Why would someone resurrect a 2006 post instead of starting a new one … :smt15

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    Carter Chocolate Addiction
    Carter Whisper
    Carter Quickie 1 (I’m selling this one)

    I shoot Carter thumb releases because I can shoot back tension style, pull the release into my thumb.

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    Scott Mongoose. I think it shoots great, I like the sensitive trigger, and the adjustable length in the strap that the trigger mechanism is on, and the buckle.
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    mike e

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    Winn glove fitted with a scott sabertooth head. allows me to pull easier and
    still have a crisp release.
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    central IL bowhunter

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    Scott Silverhorn. I’ve been using it for a few years now and love it. I love the single hook design. I think I’ll be using a Silverhorn as long as Scott keeps making them.
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