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    Which Release do you prefer to use tell us which model and why…Sorry if I missed your brand, click on other and tell us about it



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    One Shot

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    I started using the Short-N-Sweet last year are reeally like it.
    Before that I used a Fletcher deluxe Wrist strap, for like 25 years. Seems like for ever. I was hesitant on changing but now glad I did.
    The Short-N-Sweet works great with my 28″ Legacy and a loop.
    Shortened things up a little.
    I didn’t like the wrist strap with it though. [flimsey]
    I replaced it with a Fletcher wrist strap. :thumbup
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    Seek and Chase

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    Quickie II. For the open jaw design but away from my facemask so I don’t have any potential snagging issues. Plus, the quality & trigger can’t be beat.
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    I use a Tru Ball Chappy ….. it fits my hand and the just felt right. I do however think Carter makes better releases.
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    True-Fire Judge…….Love the buckle, and the smooth rotating head…..not to mention the fact that when you depress the trigger, the jaws open…..conversely, when you release the trigger, the jaws close :thumbup IMO
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    scott itty bitty goose,going for a new scott model next,but similar…great release and great for hu nting with
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    I had to vote other. I use a Fletchmatic rope release. Its easy on servings, torque free and lets me shoot off the string. You can see that it gets a “memory” and is easy to attach quietly without looking.

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    Carter is my choice. I’ve shot Tru-Fire and Scott in the past. To me, both the Tru-Fire X-Caliper (sort of a mid-range release) and the Scott Little Goose (higher-end) seemed inferrior to my Carter Two Shot.

    The Carter is so much more customizeable than the Scott. The Tru-Fire was comparable in adjustments. What really set them apart is the trigger. The Two Shot’s trigger is exactly what a trigger for a bow release is suppose to feel like…super heavy and zero travel. [=}=]

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    Love my Little Goose from Scott!! :thumbup

    Have 2 of them,keep one for back up……..just in case.

    Like the adjustment to length that can be made,prefer a single caliper,not big and bulky.I also prefer a buckle strap over velcro. [=}=]

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    It’ was the first release that i bought. It was a great price and i have been using it ever since i started bowhunting about 3 years ago. Probably not the best release out there but does a release matter as much as the quality of the shot or the proficiency of the archer?
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    Tru-Ball Pro diamond…makes me kick out my target panic!!!IMO a thumb controlled firing is better than our trigger finger [=}=]
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    I shoot the tru-fire x-caliper for hunting and the tru-ball ultra 3 for target.
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    i like my carter chocolate addiction , use it for comp. and hunting both
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    Other…. Only because I like my middle finger trigger, not as much torquing of my hand to make the release go off. I also have a Tru-ball Pro Diamond that I tried to get used to, but I am much more consistant with the Cobra. I rigged up this trigger from an old shotgun, and I really like it.

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    i use the tru fire. I like the spring action how it snaps open
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