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    Drenalin Baby :thumbup
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    I voted Drenalin even though I am still hunting with my XT. The Drenalin is parked right here in my office. I am still waiting on my Spot-Hogg to get here. I have shot a few arrows through the Drenalin and I can’t wait to get her ready to go.

    The XT is the finest bow that I have ever hunted with. Hopefully, I will be saying that about the Drenalin soon.

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    Outback…out of this list! :thumbup
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    I couldn’t find the Q2 button. :whistle :whistle

    somehow i knew this one would come up #-o

    i tried to keep this limited to some of the more recent mathews flagship hunting bows only. but i did make an exception for the LD, even though no one has voted for it yet (come on alan :whistle )[/quote:4oxoaq32]

    Here is one vote for the LD :thumbup :thumbup :D

    [=}=] Andy

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