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  • March 25, 2007 at 3:10 pm #510909 Back to Top REPORT

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    What no All Above choice. [-X

    I went with Mule Deer. :thumbup[/quote:n46h5leo]

    Good Point!! :^O

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    ive seen plenty of deer and where i live an opportunity like that may actually present itself. but

    theres something about the elk that amazes. there so elusive and mysterious and i think they are gorgeous animals. to shoot the WR elk would mean alot to me since that is the next animal i want to take after a whitetail buck and i would give alot to have a chance on an elk hunt. where i live id have to build a higher ceiling just to have him in the house, i couldnt imagine all that antler on a WR elk :shock: :shock: :shock:

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    TROPHY! Yall will laugh but Im just hoping for a chance to SEE a deer, any deer, within range while on a tree stand with a bow in my hand. Ive killed several with my rifle, no trophys but that is now boring to me. I want to stick one with a bow so bad. I’ll be hunting a new WMA this year that will offer me that chance. I live for that moment. I just hope no one is there to film me shaking like a leaf and peeing down my leg!!!!
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    Whitetail for me :thumbup

    Same [=}=][/quote:2uificzj]
    same here as well

    March 26, 2007 at 12:50 am #510913 Back to Top REPORT

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    As much as I love to hunt whitetail,
    I gotta go with Elk!!
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    :X Gotta be the awesome Whitetail man. ;)
    March 26, 2007 at 1:15 pm #510915 Back to Top REPORT

    One Shot

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    I picked moose.
    March 26, 2007 at 1:48 pm #510916 Back to Top REPORT

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    heck while yall say one. ill take them all in P&Y. :D [=}=]
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    I went with moose :thumbup
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    Double Drops

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    Gotta go with the whitetail
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    I went with moose :thumbup

    Hope that pans out for you this year, Vince :thumbup

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    I’ve killed some very nice whitetails but for the past 5 yrs it has become my dream to arrow a trophy Bull…which is hard for a public servant…we dont make enough for these fancy ranch tags….all of my hunts have to be D.I.Y. hunts ](*,)
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    That is a really tough question!!!!!! I went with Elk!!!!!
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    Elk Assassin

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    I could throw out the Caribou. Not that I wouldn’t shoot one, it just wouldn’t top my list. I could add Black Bear, Mountain Goat, Desert Big Horn, Rocky Mountain Bighorn, Pronghorn Antelope…

    And I’d still have to say: Any one of the above.[/quote:2dxg32f4]

    Of course…but the poll asked for which deer species.

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    Wapiti! :) ELK ELK ELK ELK ELK ELK ELK …………….ELK :D
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