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    Mossy oak, but any camo will work. My dad still hunts in flannel and he gets a deer every year. Its funny and I rag him alot but in the end I prefer mossy oak
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    Realtree AP HD. However, Lost Camo looks pretty nice. A lot like the old Realtree Hardwoods HD.
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    i personally like realtree but i also use mssy oak obsession green :thumbup
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    Dubya D

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    Max-1 :thumbup
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    that lost camo looks cool dk flatwoods in fl during bow season cause everything is still green realtree during later season
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    One Shot

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    I use Outfitter Tuff and Trebark camo. Good stuff. Great Quality and good looking.
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    I really liked the advantage camo when it was around

    :thumbup :thumbup

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    I wear Realtree AP during deer season and APG during spring turkey season. I really like the Lost Camo though. I am probably going to get some of it for next year.
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    I must say that I prefer Realtree… I think the new AP pattern is a step above the Hardwoods though…

    Same here.

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    This past year I bought all new Realtree AP but I have really grown to like the looks of the predator camoflauge. I doubt I will switch right now since my new stuff has very little wear and tear but the next time around I will strongly consider decking myself out in Predator.

    How ’bout unloading that new unused camo… :whistle so you can change to the predator. Teal Tree. :thumbup

Viewing 12 posts - 31 through 42 (of 42 total)