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    Mathews LD

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    Which bow is the most popular and why?
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    im just guessing the dxt its light ,fast smooth and quite. but if you throw in the original switchback with the s2 it might go that way [=}=]
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    The dren is my vaforite by far my buddy has a dxt its a little faster but even he says its no match for the smoothness against my dreny. I love my dren :X :X :X :X
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    I love my dxt! I hear people complain about the shorter axle to axle, but you cant beat the smoothness and quickness….well unless you shoot the monster!
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    DXT is more popular because it got more advertising..
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    S2 cause its the closest to the SBXT :D :D
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    DXT is great in the tree stand! Couldn’t be more happy with mine! :thumbup
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    i have nothing but great things to say about my DXT!!! i love it. It along with a reaper combo did a great number on 3 deer this past season. all 3 pass thru’s shooting an average of 35 yards. cant wait to see how it does on the turkeys in a week. :thumbup
Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)