Which arrow for my setup?

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  • March 11, 2007 at 5:43 am #495450 Back to Top REPORT

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    I have a 06 Switchback XT 28″, draw set at 61#, a D-loop, 28″ arrows, and 100 gr. tips and was wondering which arrows would be best for my setup. I was looking at the Gold Tip XT Hunter 5575, Beman ICS Hunter 400, and Radial X-Weave Predators. I will be doing mostly hunting and some 3-D. Thanks in advance!
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    I like the ICS Hunter Elite’s :D
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    Gold tips rock! :D
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    may i add carbon expess maximas, 250’s? [=}=]
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    :D I shoot a Predator 300 for everything. The spine matches the Dren @ 70# perfectly. A bare shaft is grouped right in there with the fletched ones. Now last year with the switchback @ 65# they were alittle to stiff. I have them cut to 27.25″ 26″ 2gpi tubes 3″ duravanes (R Helical) 100g points. The arrow wt is 414.25g putting it 64.25g over the minimum. I like being over the limit. I know a lot of guys shoot 350g, I did it with an FX a few years ago and the string was toast in under 500 arrows. But it’s what you are comfortable with. Comfort and confidence mean a lot. Once you get the spine matched to the bow the truer the arrow flight and the faster the arrow, Good luck. :thumbup :thumbup
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    Your set-up is very close to mine. I vote for none of the above.
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    325 gr. is with an 85 gr. tip, 340 gr. is 100 gr. tip
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    Jeff K in IL

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    While GT’s are excellent arrows, I feel that PSE Radial X Weaves are better. I have a mixed bag this year for arrows, I am using GT Pro Hunters and Radial X Weaves. I still like the X Weaves for the money, and they IMO have slightly better tolerances (real, not on paper). I have never been a fan of Easton nor Beman products, so they are not anywhere close to the top of my list for arrows! [=}=]
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    Gold Tips :thumbup [=}=]
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