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    Maybe I should get an STS! :thumbup
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    Thats a pretty handsome guy! Oh yeah, thats my husband :X #-o

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    now you see why you need an sts…
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    that video tells all…
    amazing how string lasts as long as it does isn’t it?
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    Bob 101 made an interesting point about the overdraw bows a few years back. This pic shows how far forward a string can get; however, I think that the tales about strings that hit bow components are exaggerated. I have even used the dreaded Ultra-nok (gasp) on several different bows, including my switchback, and have never had any problems whatsoever.
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    :thumbup :archer
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    Cool. I saw a video of a drop away rest in slow mo, with out a STS, and the string just about hit the riser, It’s no wonder I used to hit the inside of my wrist with the string. I’ll see if I can locate that clip.
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    Great vid!!!!

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    I would think something like the dual version that extends past the string with a rubber band between them would be more effective. It also wouldn’t be nearly as hard on the bow. The device would be under tension at rest. When the bow was fired the string would/could contact the rubber band anywhere from an inch to 6 or more before it reached its stop or at rest location. After contact the tension would increase as this device stretched and the string move to the stop location. Basically the string force opposes the device tension. this should greatly reduce vibration and forward string travel and not cause a sudden stopping of the string forcing the arrow to prematurely release. it could be tuned too.

    Dang, I should have patented this before spilling my guts. :)

    Okay just send me 5 cents for every one you sell. :

    I am going to go home and build one to put on my bow.


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    For me, the STS is the best product I have added to a bow since I started shooting 40 yrs ago.

    As mentioned by Glockman above, some of us have a problem of contact with our arm/wrist as the string follows through.

    My problem of hitting my arm played a part in the bows I bought as a heigher brace height helped reduce the problem. One of the reasons I bought a Q2XL was the 7.5 ” brace height.

    Talk to any pro about hitting your arm and their gonna tell you, your form is not right and your draw length is too long. I’ve been told for years, I need to shoot with a bent elbow and shooting a shorter draw length does help accomplish the bent elbow form.

    Well, the shorter draw length totally screwed up my comfort level and consistency so I opted to shoot what was comfortable and do my best develop an effective arm guard.

    When hunting, it was even more critical for me to keep my hunting cloths compressed so they did not interfere with my shot. A tight sock over the sleeve of my bow arm worked well, but every once in a while, the string would get caught up resulting in a bad shot.

    When the STS came out I read the reviews and opinions and noticed some mentioned that is helped with their arm slap problems. I ordered one for my Q2XL and yes, I was amazed at how it quieted the bow but more important to me, the STS eliminated my arm slap problem.

    No longer did I need an arm guard for hunting or target shooting. Talk about feeling weird…all my life I had used an arm guard…now, I felt naked without one.

    My shooting improved as my form was more consistent. I was more relaxed and confident not worrying about getting buzzed by the string. It even changed my choice of bows…

    Before the STS, I never would consider buying a shorter brace height bow. But now, I had a plan, to buy a bow for hunting that packed more KE.

    I bought a used, but like new ultra max from a Mathews pro, Jerry, who had purchased the bow (for his wife) from another Mathews pro, Jeanna Allbritainfor. I was told this was one of Jeanna’s backup bows.

    I then purchased another STS for the Ultra Max and after changing the bow over from a mini max cam to a max cam, 30″ draw, I was able to shoot the bow, a 6 1/4 ” brace height, without hitting my arm or hunting cloths.

    The fact that the STS has quitted and dampened vibration of both my Q2XL and my Ultra Max…that is just a plus as to the real reason I purchased the STS.

    And talk about stepping up in performance…before I put all the hunting add on’s to my string, with just a tied on nock, using a 5 grains per pound arrow, at 30″ draw, the bow shot 324/325 fps at 56 lbs.

    For me, the Ultra Max became my perfect hunting bow. The past two years I have taken two very nice bucks, one shot at 30yds and one at 10 yds and both were complete pass through.

    I’m shooting a 385 grain arrow at 270 fps with something like 62 ft-lbs of KE.

    Anyone with the problem of the string twanging your bow arm …you might want to consider adding an STS to your bow…worked for me…mac

    Enjoying The Great Outdoors!
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    Any new news on whether the STS is good or bad? I have one on my 07 Drenalin but am not sure if I want to keep using it or not…Cant decide either way
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    is this thread dead? i have a DXT and am wondering if any more testing from mathews has been done. thanks
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    We are not recommending or discouraging it at this time. We are running some tests as well as high-speed video on it, but only as time permits. Once I have more details as to what it does to the overall system, I’ll post more. :thumbup

    Hi, I was wondering if you had the time to run some tests and see if the STS alike system is worth using it!

    Killing vibration is obvious but any damage on the string and bow in a long term use?

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    Cannot see the picture?
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