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    Tried diaphrams 2 seperate times, but just couldn’t make ‘em work AND can’t get over the gag reflex. :oops:

    Not to hijack the thread, but if you really want to master a diaphram call, you can without choking to death. Gaging is somewhat of a reflex action that you can learn to overcome. Start by placing the call on the roof of your mouth and leave in in for a few seconds (or wait until you gag) and remove it. Keep doing it over and over again. You will improve. Don’t worry about calling yet. As you are able to leave it in longer, place it further to the back of your mouth. You’ll still gag, but keep on doing it. And here is my disclaimer – DON’T INHALE and suck it into your airway! After you’ve done this a number of times, put it back in at the roof of your mouth and see if you still gag. This could take minutes or hours or days or weeks, but you can accomplish it. Once you’re comfortable with it in your mouth, you can start on making sounds with it. Some people never experience the gagging like you and me, but I’ve been using one now for almost 40 years and I’m still breathing with it in or out with no sense of discomfort. Good luck!
    I still like putting & clucking with my Quaker Boy DD Adams double slate as well as my Lynch World Champion box call.[/quote:vetc2oxt]

    Thanks for the tip!!!! I will try this for next season, as this season is right around the corner.

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    Lights Out Custom Calls anodized aluminum with dymondwood striker. Wendell Rye is hard to beat. Some of the best sounding calls out there.
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    Quaker Boy Old Boss Hen

    Has caused a few birds to give up their beards and spurs.. :D

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