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    I am new to this Forum, but figured I needed to come to the Best for advice. I am a novice bow hunter myself and know just enough to get by on the range and in the woods. I have been bow hunting for 2 years and was amazed when my three children ages 10,11 and 13 all told me they wanted to start shooting bows so they could go hunting with me. The problem is that I have no idea what type of bow I need to purchase them to start. My 13 y/o son is 5’10, my 11 y/o son is 5’6 and my 10 y/o daughter is 5’6. I don’t want to start with an expensive bow for each just in case they decide it is not for them. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    The mission bows are easily adjustible from one person to the next. You wont find a better choice than that. :thumbup
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    :D X2….sounding like a parrot here but the Craze is awesome …price is right and will grow with them all…thing is if they dont want to pursue shooting the bow the craze is an easy re-sell…

    on three you would get an awesome deal at a dealer…


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    Im looking at youth bows myself think im going with the craze! The draw lengh and weight make it kid friendly!!!!
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    :D im just glade my daughter is into archery….
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    I also agree that the craze or anything from the mission line would be great to start with. Although I am also new to bows and bow hunting and for me I decided to go all out and get the new Helim and I love it! Then I bought the Monster MR7 two months later. I love the monster a lot also. It’s not that there is anything wrong with the Helim I just got the monster because its a dual cam and I wanted to have one of each (single cam and dual cam). WilI I get more bows from Mathews oh yes my friends I will, but I need to just salvate and drool over the bows I want for now so my wife doesn’t kill me
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    The nicest thing about the Craze is that you don’t have to get locked into a bow with a fixed draw length until the kids stop growing.  Youth bows used to stop at 26″ draw lengths (an odd 27″ would show up) and then you had to move into an adult bow.  Those cams got really pricey when you had to change them out 3 or 4 times.  Most of the archers on my JOAD team shoot the Craze

    A few other suggestions:
    Stinger rest or drop-away rest (no whisker biscuit – it messes up fletching and doesn’t reinforce good form)
    Buckle strap on release for consistency
    No more than 3 pins on a hunting sight

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    As everyone else said the Mission Craze. My 14 yoa daughter and 13 yoa son have the craze and love it. I have even set up one of the bows for my 9yoa son to shoot when the older one isnt shooting. They are a great bow.
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    For your oldest son, I would not recommend the Craze.  It is only adjustable to every even inch, and it seems very short to someone that tall.  Not to mention that the back wall is like a marshmallow, particularly so at the longer draw lengths, or so it would seem.  I would suggest for him something adjustable to every half-inch, since it could be made to fit him as he grows.  Perhaps the Ballistic  since modules are available in different sizes.

    For the little girl, I think the Craze would be just fine.

    For your middle boy the Craze would be okay too.

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    Both of my boys (6 & 8) shoot the Mission Menace. Great adjustibility and the weight of the bow is not a pain for them (under 4 pounds) and its 31 inches axle to axle. They were previously shooting Mathews Mini Genesis’. I know your kids are older though and the craze is nice. Good luck!
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    My girlfriend (5’6″) pulls back 50 lb at 22″ draw Mission Craze and is a deadly shot with it. She has had it for a year and absolutely loves it.
    I went with an old used PSE X-force as my first bow last year and am trading it in this week for a brand new Creed XS. Extremely excited to join the Mathews family.

    But to get back to my point, we have found the Mission Craze to be an exceptional value for the quality and adjustability of it! Definitely give it 2 thumbs up!

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