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  • April 11, 2006 at 11:52 pm #495077 Back to Top REPORT

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    So,since Va won’t run a poll for me this season,guess I’ll have to do it myself………….

    Here’s the scenario………..

    A certain spot that we have taken several good birds from,including my mounted gobbler and my first bow gobbler is looking pretty promising for tomorrow morning.We watched about 12 birds heading to roost this evening.We know where they roost,we know where they will fly down to,and we also have about a 95% degree of certainty of where they will be travelling to.The flock has 3 gobblers……………..vote away!! [=}=]

    I voted that my hunting partner will bag one.I really hope to double,but it’s actually his shot since he hasn’t taken one yet this season,and……..because he has a very hard time waiting for a second bird to come into range!!! ](*,) The last time we tried this,he shot as soon as the bird was in range even tho another nice gobbler was coming in hard about 25 yards behind. #-o

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    I think you’re going to have a great story to tell tomorrow with pictures :thumbup


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    I think you’re going to have a great story to tell tomorrow with pictures :thumbup


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    I voted that you both well get 1 SOOOOOO make him wait it out :thumbup
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    He’ll double with 1 arrow, and you’ll get one too for a “turkey”……to put it in bowling terms [=}=]

    Good luck can’t wait for the blow by blow [=}=]

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    Double. :thumbup
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    I’m hoping yall double Varm…………but if your buddy is impatient………..and we all know what it’s like when turkey’s start getting into range……………….I am voting that he will shoot first (too soon)and screw you up !! #-o :D
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    Well…………………………………..DANG HENS!!!!!! :smt11 :smt59 :smt61

    If we had more time this morning,I’m almost positive one would have fallen.Rod had to be in a training class by 8:30am so we couldn’t stick around too long. 8-|

    Gobbling started early,had at least 4 different birds gobbling.2 very close,2,maybe 3 a pretty good ways off.They were about 100 yards from where we figured they would be,but still not a problem.One was really hot,gobbling at everything.Crows….GOBBLE!!Geese…….GOBBLE!!2 soft tree yelps on my slate……..GOBBLE!!No reason………GOBBLE!!I did a fly down………..GOBBLE!!Scratched in the leaves with a soft purr and a cluck…………DOUBLE GOBBLE!!I knew he was ours!!

    He flew down into the field about 80 yards away and continued to gobble heading our direction with another Tom tagging along behind in the background.When he stopped about 65 yards out according to the rangefinder to survey the situation,I gave him a few minutes to decide what to do.He just stood there for the longest time looking things over,so I scratched the leaves a little and purred at him………..he started heading our way after another gobble.

    When he was about in Rod’s range,an unseen hen roosted along the field edge decided it was time to steal her man back.A fly down cackle as she pitched into the woods to our right,and a yelp or 2 was all it took for the gobblers to change direction 90 degrees and go after the hen they could see!! ](*,) ](*,) ](*,) ](*,)

    By the time all this happened,Rod needed to head out,so we snuck out the back door,leaving them to their dirty deeds.

    Like I said,if we could have stuck around a few more hours,I’m pretty sure we could have gotten those birds back in again,and maybe even have gotten the 2-3 birds that we heard farther off to come in.

    We’ll be hitting them this afternoon to try and ambush them on their way to the roost……… [-o| [-o|

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    Typical turkeys….just when you think everything is going to work as planned………….the ol’ hen has to butt in and change everything! Keep on em’ Varm…you guys will score! :thumbup
    April 12, 2006 at 9:13 pm #501449 Back to Top REPORT

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    It was a 3-way tie at 4, so I voted you get skunked :p

    But here’s hoping it’s a double :thumbup

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