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    Well, my Mckenzie is about ten years old, i replaced the mid section a few times and now it needs a new one again, so i emailed Mckenzie/Delta targets and told them my target was getting older and if they still made a replacement mid section for my deer target. They replied back and said yes they do, and the price is $259.99{#emotions_dlg.mathews_shocked}, i about fell off my chair when i read that. Is that price right, i’m guessing i can buy a whole new deer target for that price. Does anybody recommend another brand of target, not sure i want to pay that just for a mid section.
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    Morrell target Bionic Buck

    The one to replace mine if and when they have out for the retail market. I have no idea how much yet.

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    For a decent field point target that will hold-up good, try the R and W  MS Series deer:

    R and W Targets

    Currently listing at $187.00 and the replacement front section(you re-use the rear and head) is $84.00.

    We got one for our indoor 3D league and shot the heck out of it at 15 yards, and it is holding up better than all of our McKenzies and most of our Rineharts.

    The first 25-50 arrows will be a tough pull so lube-up good before shooting.  I was the second arrow into it shooting 315fps with a 410gr arrow and had no problems.  Was a little tough. but no worse than others.

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