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  • September 12, 2007 at 10:18 pm #495593 Back to Top REPORT

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    would you guys shoot a 120-130″ buck if you knew of at least 3 other bucks in the area that score 140-150″?

    edit: only 1 buck tag per year.

    edit: i made it a poll :D

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    do you want to . if so do it. like they say one in the hand.
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    What is the limit on bucks where you hunt. I can kill 3 bucks in Texas.
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    I voted to take the 120-130 but thinking about it, I’m not positive. Hopefully I’ll tell you next month. [=}=]
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    I’d wait for one of the bigger bucks and enjoy many hours in the trees. That is what I do every year. (That does not mean I get one of the bigger bucks every year, but it does mean I get a lot of hours of hunting.) :thumbup ;)
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    wait for ol mossy horns…..its easy to shoot a small buck with a gun if it comes to it ;)
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    I plan on shooting the first one that makes me happy :D maybe the second too ;)
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    Blood Bath2006

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    I voted who cares I hunt for meat, but if I paid for the hunt that would be different :thumbup
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    120 to 130. :thumbup If I had taken a deer that big then I might wait for a shot at the bigger deer….That is if I thought I had a real chance at getting a shot at him. [=}=]
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    A lot would depend on how far in the season I’m in. I did the hold out game 4 years ago and let 2 nice 8 pointers walk hoping to get a shot on a very nice 12 point that would go 140+ that I keep seeing on the trail cam. As of Thanksgiving I had not taken a shot at a buck or doe. Never got a single deer that season. So for me early season I would let it walk. After the 2nd week of Nov which is the rut usually here in Ga I would have to take the shot.
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    Double Drops

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    If you knew there were at least 3 bucks that would go from 140 – 150, then there’s always the chance that there’s something even bigger out there. I’m holding out at least for the 140-150 [=}=]
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    i voted for the 140–150, but i don’t really trophy
    hunt. if i would see a good buck go past my stand,
    and not be able to get a shot at that time, i would
    let one of the guys i hunt with use this stand. yes
    i have done this in the past. one of my friends wants
    a wall hanger bad.
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    I’d hold out just cause i’ve shot several in the 120-130 range. It’s time for a big one now!!! ;)
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    I would wait or until the season was getting close to the end then arrow which ever came by first [=}=]
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    Really depends for me but I voted shoot the 130″ buck. I know around here you probobly wont see a buck that big in a lifetime unless you are lucky. Once gun-season comes in the pressure is on the deer right on till January 1st. If a buck period steps out around here he is gravy for most guys. In bow-season I try to take my time and pick a deer I want to shoot or wait for the right shot and all that of course, but once gun-season comes in and the army of orange arrives you are lucky to kill a small 6 or 8-pointer due to their are so many guys out there with dogs shooting the first thing with horns. Dont get me wrong I own and hunt with dogs often once gun-season comes in because its such an exciting way to hunt but I have killed enough deer that I wont just shoot anything because its brown or has an inch of horn on its head usually. So around here id pile the 130″ buck but if this was somewhere where there was no dog-hunting and not much hunting-pressure let him walk and come to full-draw on the buck of a lifetime!!.. :thumbup :archer :solocam
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