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  • August 29, 2007 at 12:54 am #495586 Back to Top REPORT

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    Which week have you taken the most whitetail bucks. Sorry if I dont get it right for you southern guys.
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    Joined: 7/4/2004
    Fourth week of October for me…. :thumbup
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    Ive shot mostly young bucks but Ive shot or encountered older bucks when theyre chasing does around Nov 8,9,10,11TH ish.
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    Last week in Decemeber…… [=}=]
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    Double Drops

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    2nd week in November here [=}=]
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    T/C Shooter

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    Last week in January for me. :thumbup
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    I have shot 4 of my nicer bucks the last week of Oct. I always say its my B-day gift to myself but it usually seems that the bucks start roaming around a little more getting ready for the rut. The fourth week of Oct has been the only time I have ever had a buck come to a grunt call. The second week of Nov usually produces lots and lots of buck sightings but you need a fully auto AK-47 to take a shot when they come by you a 100mph! Last year I watched 16 bucks come by my stand chasing does wide open on the 2nd Saturday afternoon in Nov. I had a blast but did not get a chance to even think about shooting. When those boys get in that zone nothing will get there attention. I tried everything! Hey no shot but it was FUN! Thinning out the doe population has payed off for our club!
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    Jeff K in IL

    Age: 27
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    November 11, 12, 13, 14, 15
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    If buck fever didn’t get to me so bad, my best week would be the 2nd week of november. But I have killed more mature bucks the first week of October than any other time.
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    Usually the First Day..Last week of September
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    Last year i shot my bucks on Nov 11 and 16. But normally its between Oct.25 to Nov 14( Day before opener for gun.)
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    Location: Guess!
    3rd week of Nov is usally the best time here.
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    Blood Bath2006

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    Third or forth week in October. The deer just seem to move better then :thumbup
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    It gets really interesting from the 15th of December until the end of season. I get to see deer I have never seen before.
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    For me, it seems the big boys move more around November 11, 12, 13 & 14, and November 13 has been magic for me four out of the last five years.
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