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    First I bareshaft tune thru paper. Once I acheive the bullet hole at 6 feet with bareshaft then I fletch. Then again making sure I still have bullet hole with fletched arrow.

    After that I never have a problem with downrange shooting. Alway’s group good. So I do not have to worry about walk back tuning ever!! :thumbup

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    I start with paper then go to the walk back method.
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    i use them all.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I have just this week purchased a bow press. I have not built my paper tuner yet but I will. I did the WBT yesterday for the first time ever and got good results. How will it fly thru paper? I guess I’ll find out later.
    Even if I dont get the perfect hole in paper my groupings on the WBT were all right parallel with the hanging string. I would think that this gets me where I need to be with this particular set up. Its my 3D bow (so broadheads are not an issue) and not only did I put everything into spec (not ATA since its supposed to be >33″) I set up a new rest on it.
    I think a combination of it all is kind of like a “belt and suspenders” approach to Archery.

    Here is something to ponder: How is it that I have a bow in my posession with a low brace height, shoots close to 300fps, and shoots bullit holes thru paper? All this while using a WB that was set up by only being “eyeballed”? :?:

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    Previously used paper tuning. Used walkback this year. Much better. Old dog-new trick. :thumbup
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    I do a combination of paper and walkback tuning. I paper tune first to check for clearance problems and severe centershot issues. Once I get the arrows shooting with a tiny bit of an upper-left tear, I walkback tune to fine tune the centershot.

    BTW – If I’m shooting well, there is no need to tune. I do this only if I have had major adjustments to my bow: change of arrow, new string, changed out launcher, etc. I do not do this if I’m changing a scope or a peep or replacing the loop.

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    Yep, paper tune first then walk back tune to finish it off. :thumbup
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    I paper tune with a bare shaft. seems to work great i you don’t believe it check this out [/img]
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    Paper and nothing but the paper.
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    :D Interesting results, and all my years of tuning I have never tried bare shaft thru paper[/u:3d76r54y] :shock: Which makes a lot of sence regarding bare shaft tuning because of non directional target material :thumbup

    -I am going to try that this week–the way I look at it in archery and bowhunting regardless of age or years of doing something …its never too late to try somthing new.[actualy learn a lot by that rule :^O ]

    Thanks gang :thumbup

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    Blood Bath2006

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    All of the above! I don’t think any one type can show you all of the slight problems with your set up. I shoot the bare shaft through the paper too.
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    Keep in mind, if you are going to paper tune bare shafts, you have to compensate for the weight of the fletching. If you have a chrono, adjust the poundage so the bare shaft is the same speed as a fletched shaft, then paper tune. If you don’t have a chrono – I can’t remember if it is 1/2 or one full turn – I guess it would depend on the bow anyway.
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    I use fixed broadheads and fieldpoints till they group together than eyeball arrow flight and how the stick into the Block Target. [=}=]
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