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    Big B

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    I’d say 21 by a long shot. allot of 18-20s are to irresponsible even for things such as driving, so why give them the right to drink. I know that 21 – what ever people can be irresponsible too but under 21 is to young to legally drink.


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    Growing up, the drinking age used to be 18…..in Hawaii………about 3 years after I graduated, the age changed to 21. There must have been a reason for the change…….and I’m sure money wasn’t that reason.

    Granted the age didn’t make a difference for me, since I was purchasing my own stuff since I was 14. But I think that back then, parents were doing just as the word suggests……..which is PARENTING (yes, I found out that my parents knew that I was buying my own stuff). There were consequences for everything that was considered “bad form” and trust me, you never wanted to be at the end of the “consequence stick”. My parents never expected my teachers to be responsible for anything but my grades……unlike now days. I’m sure that there are many out there who stil parent, but for the most part, the majority that I’ve seen really don’t anymore. Many families have both parents working, or are single parent families, and have to work and be away to make ends meet……..but there are always exceptions to the rule and I know of many such families who still parent……which is really a breath of fresh air.

    Okay, off my soap box now :oops:

    back on topic………..I didn’t have a problem with the younger drinking age back then, but now, I realize that I really wasn’t responsible enough back then to drink……even at the age of 18………….I did a lot of drinking and driving and even though I never got stopped, or caught……..I see now just how wrong it was……..even though back then I “felt” that I could handle being behind the wheel and still drive responsibly even when inebriated.

    Of course, who’s to say that the addition of the 3 years to make the drinking age legal is what it takes, but back when I was around that age, there was a big difference in my own maturity level………..of course, I don’t notice that difference in young adults now days……….but then again I guess I’m just an old fuddy duddy now :oops: :oops: :oops:

    I don’t think that there’s really a “set” age that proves to be the turning point for having one become “mature”…….since I know many 50 yr olds that are more immature than many 17yr olds……..I’m just glad that I’m not the one in charge of making these decisions………. [=}=][/quote:39zwob9y]

    Every now and then I read something that I really like and this is one of those times. :thumbup :thumbup

    I love the age old argument “If I’m old enough to fight for my country I should be old enough to legally drink”. I think I used that one myself once or twice, then I enlisted. I think a lot of us are lucky to be alive today and lucky to haven’t killed anyone when we drove knowing we shouldn’t have. Maturity, unfortunately has no set age but I think 21 should be the minimum drinking age. [=}=]

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    Males 21.
    Girls at the age of consent.
    Boys need all the help they can get.


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    As I read I have to laugh. Oh, how far behind the rest of the world we are. The US(from my research) is the only non-Islamic countries with a 21yr old drinking age. Look at the problems it has caused. We seem to have all the problems. The law are way too restrictive. Some countries don’t even have a minimum. The prohibitionist thinking is failing & failing miserably!!!!!! Also see the 18th & 21st amendment, Roaring 20’s, gangsters, bootlegging. Apparently we didn’t learn a Freaking thing!!!! What we should be teaching is responsible drinking. Like they do in other countries & some Religions do.

    Oh, many kids are bypassing alcohol & going directly to hard drugs like pills & GHB, Meth & Ketomine. Because they are easier to get & conceal. There is even clothes made to conceal things. Ever seen a RAVE? So, who is fooling who!! EVER wondered what the flashing red & blue light pacifiers are for??

    Oh, nevermind your probably too worried about that 18yr old having a beer. #-o

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    If Your old enough to die for your country…You should be old enough to have a damn drink….



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    If Your old enough to die for your country…You should be old enough to have a damn drink….

    Ever see a bar full of 200 to 250 18-20 year old Marines? :^O It can convince you just how formidable they are, and tell you many things about whether or not they should be drinking.

    Details told only in private #-o[/quote:33v4hbdu]

    I`ve seen a bar full almost every night during my combat training at Camp Pendelton. I don`t know if it`s still the same now, but in the late 80`s when you are 18 and enlisted, you could drink at the E club on Pendelton.

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    Personally, dad let me a beer now and then when I was probably only 12-14. When I got into high school, drinking beer and getting trashed just wasn’t anything special like everybody thought it was. I turn 21 this Thursday and all of my buddies are wanting to take me to the bars and crap, but I think I’m gonna have to skip out because I want to go catfishing LOL. I would just rather go fishing then get drunk because all i get out of it is a headache the next day.

    Like Toxos said, they let kids drink sooner, but drive later and they have a lot less problems. I think it gives the kids time to realize that it’s not that big of a deal to get drunk. By the time they are able to get there license and drive, they are more apt to make the better choice so they don’t lose their license that they waited so long for over something that they have been able to do for 2 years already.

    It always seems like the kids who weren’t allowed to go out and party or had really strict parents when it came to dating are the ones now who are always getting drunk on the weekends or knocked up. Mommy and daddy tried raising the perfect little kid, but all it did was turn them into a little **** raiser.


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    If it’s your parents giving you the drink, it’s legal anyway. So the minimum age prevents you from purchasing alcohol yourself. It doesn’t prohibit your parents from giving you alcohol to drink under supervison.
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    Kids are going to drink weather they are 21 or not. It just makes it a little harder.

    Exactly….. No matter what , underage kids are going to drink.but I have to agree with Jeff and Alan…..[/quote:icer46iv]
    I agree also, there is a lot going on here and few get busted, most don’t. I haven’t been drunk yet but have had so many invitations/offers. 8-| I voted 18 [=}=]

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    I say if I can go to war and I can fight and die for our country I can vote and I have to pay taxes I should be able to drink a beer
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    I’m voting for 21, but with special circumstances. If you are under 21 and active duty or served this country, you have earned the right. There is a difference between an 18 year that’s been through bootcamp and an 18 year that has not been through bootcamp. IMO [=}=]

    You said exactly what I did not know how to say :thumbup I typed a bunch and then deleted it. You nailed it [=}=]

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    By the way just for the record (Jeff K) :p I voted 21. [=}=] Im not afraid of sticking with my guns [-(
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    Jeff K in IL

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    By the way just for the record (Jeff K) :p I voted 21. [=}=] Im not afraid of sticking with my guns [-(

    Glad to see you speak up Lisa. I don’t find it convincing when those whom voted 21 barely spoke up… ;)

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    Glad to see you speak up Lisa. I don’t find it convincing when those whom voted 21 barely spoke up… ;)[/quote:1s070k6d]

    I think you’ll find that the push to raise the drinking age to 21 was driven in large part by the insurance industry. Funny thing, those guys keep amazing statistics.

    Find these statistics on >21: Traffic Accidents, Fatal traffic accidents, teen suicides, high-school drop out rates (and check those locally in smaller communities), alcohol related medical claims on teenagers (including alcohol rehab). Check them before and after the change in age restrictions.

    There was/is no plot against 18-20 year olds. It’s simply a matter of saving lives and money. But mostly lives. Drinking is not a right. It’s simply not a constitutional issue.

    The proposed: if you have a military ID, you have the right to drink underage? Well, I bet the recruiter’s would love that. They couldn’t come up with a better marketing tool. And…you’d be lowering the drinking age to 17. So raise the minimum age of the draft to 21. If you volunteer, that’s your decision.

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    If Your old enough to die for your country…You should be old enough to have a damn drink….



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