What is your average 3D score on 30 targets…

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    Thanks in information
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    Ive shot in two in Arkansas we shoot 26 targets with the 26th a bonus
    I shoot hunter and the score card is 5,8,10,12,& 14 and my average so far is 255
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    I shoot MBR class, This year I have shot two 30 target courses that are IBO shoot. I shot a 270 and a 280. I am shooting again this weekend and hope to up my score. I am happy with those scores as my bow is not 100% sighted in yet. It is hard to find a place in NW PA where you can shoot over 40 yards inside. So once the weather breaks I will be getting dialed in and hoping to add some well needed points.
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    :whistle so do we get to up date our scores with this five year old post :^O
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    Man were did they find this post it is only a few years old!
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    Age: 28
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    Location: indiana
    i shoot 300
    Billy Lewis
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    Mine when I shot consistently was around 280-290 in unlimited which was a max of 45yds. After not shooting any 3D in the past 4 years I brought the drenalin back out and shot last sunday, due to the lack of practice I shot a 251 in hunter class max of 30yds.
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    shooting bow hunter class last to shoots with my new creed average 300 score
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    On 21 targets counting 11s as the x I shoot and average of  5 up with 40% 11s so about a 215 out to 52yards
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    Ky. double lung

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    Our archery club has a 30 target range scoring is 5, 8, 10, 12 my best round is 298 with a average of  286.
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    Bowhunter Freestyle and I usually score about 215.
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