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    i am averaging between 185 – 195
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    I shoot in the bow novice class.It’s my first year shooting 3D and I love it.I was lucky enough to win my first shoot and I think I did well last week.Still waiting for rusults.I’ve only shot 2 turniments and my scores were 283 & 284.My last score should have been beter but like the DUMB @$$ I am I tried for 2-14’s and missed high.Oh well Live and Learn.Later Dennis.
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    Hunter Class IBO scoring 280+. My best score ever was 309 in the qualifier we had on our course last year.
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    Bad shoulder (popped it letting down during peep rotation checks the day before). New grip and fletch………….maybe 30 arrows total in setting 20, 30 and 40 yard marks (mover sight shot at those yardages only- no “in between”).

    Maybe 100 shots total through my Swithcback XT since I got it. Not enough, thing doesn’t come back automatically like my old Hoyt.

    3rd 3D shoot with compound/sights since ’88 (yes). Only 2 shoots in the last 6 years.

    Missed 3 (two my fault- yardage errors). Same thing caused some out of the 10. Didn’t know where kills were on a couple (yardage correct).

    Shot a 350 out of a 40 target course (again- less than perfect pin settings-had some left issue).

    Shot yellow, green and even some blue stakes (like to stretch some out for fun).

    Rusty for sure, but suprised it came back as good as it did.

    Not a good score, should have been no blanks, no 5’s and maybe a couple of 8’s, even when shooting from the green and blue.

    But…………..having tried it once last year, different bow, with different sight (drove me nuts the vertical pin)………..I must say my pin change has made a world of difference.

    Target panic, or maybe target anxiety……..due to having shot recurves for so many years and switching back…………..it was GONE!

    I could actually come up, put the pin on the spot, and drill it (even with the “too big” hunting peep).

    Nice feeling.

    Was kinda rare there for a while.

    If I had the time I could actually make a decent showing for an old fart.

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    ASA 20 targets i shoot 186-196. i just moved from hunter class to open c this year. i love it. hoping to get better. Just learning alot right now. :thumbup
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    I said between 201 and 225 but thats because we only shoot 20 targets :thumbup
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    New best score ever 314. 30 targets IBO scoring hunter class. I shot my two eigts of the day on 29 and 30 my bow arm was weak. If I could have 10nd them I would have had 318. But still I am tickled to death.
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    bustin hartz at 305fps

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    ive shot 2 3D shoots now both in hunter class both 20 targets 1st 194 2nd 208 so i guess avg 200-201 .
    2012 MR7 blacked out Black gold sights ripcord rest fuse stab 2011 Z7 Black same set up as monsterhttp://forums.mathewsinc.com/images/userpix/43953_11_1345345909_1.jpg[/img:3cw0dxzf]r\ Apex 7 CBE sight ShootDown stab tt rest
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    We shoot 30 targets and i avg arouind 270-288 abd we score 5,8,10,12and i shoot bowhunter class.
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    I only did one and it was 20 targets and I got a 163. It was in the novice catogory and I used my 30yard pin on almost every target, if it looked close I aimed lower and if it looked farther i aimed higher. Some were around 20yrds and some were 30 or 35 yards I think.
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    260-265 for me……. :D
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    I’m not going to check one due to the fact that I’ve only shot one and it was with a bow that didn’t fit me and wasn’t sighted it properly. I shot a 171 that day. However, my new Monster is dialed in and deadly and the next 3-D is August 1st-2nd. So we’ll see how I do then. Btw, we only count 5, 8 and 10 here too. 8D

    Dakota :)

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    Short Fuse

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    I shot 3D for the first time last weekend, 30 targets, and scored a 241. Seems like great practice for hunting. :thumbup

    Oh, and it was a lot of fun too. :D

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    I dont understand. Isnt the average course 30 3d targets. Score from 10 – 5 (a miss being 0) with a max score of 300? No more than a 40 yard shot.
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    Did my 1st 3D shoot today. I shot 279.
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