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    Jay Miller

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    I have had a ton of debates in the last few days about this topic around assault weapons, rifles and magazine capacity. Please watch the below video that demonstrates the differences.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8C-CLsMR … Q&index=21

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    Deere Farmer

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    Good video! Seen it on here somewhere the other day. :thumbup
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    Technically, an assault weapon can be a screwdriver, if you assault someone with it…

    But most people go with the intentionally ignorant journalists’ definition, which is “any gun that scares them”.

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    Bow Drawn

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    Thanks for sharing it. The news media and reports are total ignoramuses over this topic and spree stupid remarks out that most folks don’t know that they are. They take it for what they say is the truth. I have always said if you educate a person with the facts they usually will make the right decision.
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    Shared it on my FB last night :thumbup
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