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    So I’m getting ready to build some arrows and i am curious as to what color of fletching all of you can see best while your arrow is in flight? here in idaho lighted knocks are illegal so we are forced to try and watch our arrows path by watching the fletching. My color is pink!!!!!! i catch a lot of flack from my hunting buddies for it but i could really care less what they think and i can see that color better in flight than any other i have tried.
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    White [=}=]
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    White [=}=]


    White wrap, 4” 4 white vanes 75×105.

    Hunting 4” 4 black vanes 75×105 no wrap lighted nock.

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    White [=}=]


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    Try this old trick we did years ago. Right at the back of one of your vanes, super glue a very small piece of down feather. It never seamed to bother the flight of the arrow, but when it hit the target it was like a small flash bulb going off as the down fluffed at the impact. :shock:
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    White [=}=]


    x4… white for me

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    To watch in flight, I agree with everyone else…

    White fletching and white wraps.

    But for looks, I like 2 pink and 1 white. Coolest looking arrows in the woods. Plus, only real men can shoot pink arrows! :thumbup

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    My eyes find neon Orange with neon orange wraps and orange nock, yellow wrap with neon yellow vanes and nock, and last white on white with a orange nock.
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    White for me…as far as seeing them fly. But, when I shot them, I would catch myself peeking to watch them fly and I would fling one pretty bad now and then. Had to quit that so I when back to two green and one orange Fusion vanes. I cant see them very well flying, but they show up good when looking for them. That helped a lot to get me out of “peeking” to watch my arrow fly.
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    :D White also…cept in winter #-o than i like flor green in low light and snow


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    In the woods, a flo orange wrap shows up much better than anything else for me– especially in low light situations.
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    I can’t beleive any of the Nice Guys there in Idaho falls would give you any grief for your pink fletches. :) Myself, This year I am going with 4″ white wraps (with bears on them ;) ) white pink and purple AAE max hunters. :)
    Pretty huh?

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    Jeff K in IL

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    I use white vanes, and white nocks. :thumbup
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    I use pink vanes, and pink nocks. :thumbup

    Fixed it for you bud :thumbup

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