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  • December 24, 2006 at 4:09 am #507499 Back to Top REPORT

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    I still use good old Advantage Timber. I never did like the Mossy Oak camo becuae it just seemed to “dark” to me, although I am sure it does have its application. [=}=]
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    What kind of camo does everyone use? I know there are allot of makers out there but which do you prefer between these two?

    I will only use Realtree, I think Mossy Oak is a awesome pattern but I have met the guys from realtree and that is what persuaded me! :thumbup[/quote:1d56c9pe] I just Ordered a new set of bibs jacket and backpack all in mossy oak….didnt get realtree because the pattern was different……Did you get to met Michael Wadell??? :D :D

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    I live within 30 miles of RealTree headquarters so I better give them the nod or they will buy my hunting lease. :whistle
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    I bleed Mossy Oak.

    Keep your eyes peeled for a new pattern soon – detailed towards waterfowlers, but it looks like a nice middle between Break Up and Brush….

    MossY Oak Duck Blind!

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    It’s good to see MO coming out with a lighter pattern. I never really liked their patterns because there is so much black in them. I heard about it in August when I heard about the new RT AP HD patterns. [=}=]
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    I only wear Mossy Oak camo. But the bows Ive seen in Mossy Oak I just dont like. I guess its because Im a Mathews fan.
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    Location: MN
    Realtree hear
    Mathews Z7, 29 DL, 65 pounds, QAD, Spot Hogg Hunter Hogg it, Anchore sight
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    Both. I look for clothing that is right for different situations, rain, cold weather, etc…
    Sometimes the garment I like is only available in Mossy Oak and not Realtree or visa versa.
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    MOSSY OAK!!!!!!
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    Advantage MAX 4 for me. Works good on the ground in cut overs in the dog fennels and sage brush.
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    ASAT here…if there were no ASAT, I would most likely wear a Predator pattern.

    Like mentioned earlier….most other patterns seem to “Black/blob out” at far distances, about 50 yards or greater.


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    Deer season Mossy Oak Break Up
    Duck season Mossy Oak Shadow Grass
    Turkey Season Mossy Oak Obsession

    Not that I dont like other camo I just find Mossy Oaks got the best camo for my hunting areas :D

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    Mossy Oak Obsession is my over all fav for bow season and early rifle and turkey seasons. For the hardwoods in Ga I luv it. It makes me disappeare

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    Tried most of them. Predator is hands down the most effective, imo.

    I’ll back this one up….Predator is THE BEST! :thumbup

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