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    i also use ASAT and will be adding Predator Fall Grey too. here is a pic of ASAT along with a link to their site:


    in the last pic i was wearing a blaze orange vest so you can’t get the true feeling of how it would look in archery season but you can get the point. (and not to mention no headnet either #-o ) the first 2 pics are from the ASAT web page. i plan on taking more pics this winter to get a better feel on how i would appear to a deer in the treestand and on the ground. i honestly think Predator would do better in the treestand than ASAT but the ASAT 3D suit would have the advantage on the forest floor.

    oh and as far as which camo out of the 2, i would go realtree AP HD.

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    Jeff K in IL

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    OK I have never even seen ASAT camo, can anybody give me some more info on them? they seem like a good pattern [=}=]

    One of the best patterns available, only thing that rivals it is Predator. They break up the outline better than other patterns, and like Mossy Oak is very dark and “blobs” at longer distances. Mossy Oak is almost black if you look at it.

    I can answer pretty much any questions about ASAT! [=}=]

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    Most popular = Most available some people just want what is the easiest to get hold of. I just never wanted to be just like the most popular person I only want to be the most effective. :thumbup JMO

    both patterns show as a dark blob at twenty yards. if you are hunting from a tree stand you have the sky that’s lighter as a background. predator, natural gear, and other lighter patterns are better. take some pictures with black and white film with the person on the ground or in a treestand. mossy oak and realtree are pretty up close, but are designed to catch hunters more than it is for hunter to shoot deer. think about the color of a deer and how they blend in.

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    Mossy Oak Break Up :thumbup
    Creed / TT Smackdown Pro / B-Stinger / GT XT 5575 / Grim Reaper Broadheads
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    Mossy Oak River Bottom…. :thumbup
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    Tried most of them. Predator is hands down the most effective, imo.
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    I use realtree hardwoods and Advantage Timber
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    I like my military woodland camo charcoal chemical suits. and for $20 a suit, you can’t beat it. :D
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    I hunt with hardwoods HD exclusively.Weird part is,mossy oak break up(not the new break up) is the perfect match to my hunting surroundings.Which lends to the fact that I buy camo based on what I like not what suits best.Sad….I know,but I find that hardwoods camo very classy looking.
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    OK I have never even seen ASAT camo, can anybody give me some more info on them? they seem like a good pattern [=}=]

    Im with you,never heard of it, In ny from mid season to the end natural gear looks the best, predator doesnt have goretex gear

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    never heard of it either…. i think il stick with the camo i have…
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    Natural Gear :thumbup
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    Whatevers on clearance in my size. :D I dont think camo is the be all end all in hunting. No matter what you wear be it Carhartts or Realtree movement gets me busted not my choice of camo. Im more worried about covering my scent by facing the wind if at all possible.

    I do like to match though, for fashions sake. :p

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    Of the two listed I prefer Realtree. I’m working on switching over to all Natgear stuff now though. [=}=]
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