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    I currently shoot G5 Striker broadheads (100 gr).  I am thinking about changing to mechanical but am unsure.  I shot a buck last season with the G5 and the blades were bent and dented which are expected but the cutting diamter is only 1 1/8″.  They do have a Striker Magnum that is 1.5″ but is 125 gr.  G5 also has a mechanical (T3).

    I have been looking at Swhacher and Trohpy Taker.  Anybody use either or have comments on either????

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    Oh yeah:  the bow is below;


     Z7 Magnum

    29 DL

    70 DW

    Goldtip 7595 arrows  (30 inches)

    Whisker Biscuit (for now. May change to a drop away before season opens ….. August 15)

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    i shoot the grim reapers at turkey.  they fly beautiful.

    have not sent them after a deer sized thing yet..but i will try august 17th..going deer hunting in a valley that is windy, and i expect longer range shots.  i’ve settled on trying a mech head to increase my accuracy..even if the increase is mental.

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    I know guys that swear by Grim Reapers.  One buddy only shoots Rages, and he takes elk and huge deer with them at 50+ yards.  Only mechanicals I shoot are NAP Gobbler Getters for turkey (a blunt nosed Spitfire).

    Try out a couple different mechanicals and fixed broadheads and see what you like.  I use Thunderheads for most big game & it’s also the head that most guys I hunt with use and we all have great confidence in them.   They also shoot like darts out past 50 yards with my bow and are about half the price of most newfangled broadheads.   WalMart has a 3 pack of them for $20, so wouldn’t break the bank to try them out.  Not having to worry about mechanical blade function is peace of mind IMO.


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    I’ve had great luck over the past several years with Grim Reapers.  Great mechanical.  Don’t plan on switching any time soon.
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    Oh yeah: the bow is below; 


    Z7 Magnum

    29 DL

    70 DW

    Goldtip 7595 arrows (30 inches)

    Whisker Biscuit (for now. May change to a drop away before season opens ….. August 15)

    I have a suggestion to check out. I have the Z7 Magnum at 28/68 and it does okay with my .340 spine arrow. I have some .300 spine arrows for another bow and shot a few with the Mag and to me the grouping got tighter. I’m shooting 125 gr. heads or points or broadheads with a finished arrow of 28.25″.  With your longer draw and arrows I would guess you would see the same improvement.

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    Swhacker it’s the way to go for mechanical. No fuss, no muss when it comes to accidental deployment. Rages cut nice if they don’t break but if something catches the blade while stalking, the blades will deploy.

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    I highly recommend the new NAP Killzone 2-blade 100 gr. mechanical broadhead with Trophy tip. It has no o-rings or rubber bands. It does have a special clip built in the ferrule to keep blades closed until impact. Blades never open in quiver. 2″ cut and awesome blood trails. Ive tried them all and these are by far the best of the best in my humble opinion.
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    I tested many broadheads, fixed blade, replaceable fixed blade, and mech head in a worst case scenario … angled shot on a fresh Elk scapula and fresh hog scapula.

    Of the the mech heads, the Grim Reaper performed best with the least structural damage, largely due to the ferrule design and Trocar tip. While the blades did bend, the deformation was less than the Rage which had broken/lost blades and a bent tip that caused a deflection and less penetration than the GR.

    The G5 Striker performed OK, but as the OP described, chipped and dulled blades. The blades are only .030″ thick, a bare minimum IMHO.

    For a similar broadhead as the G5 Striker, but stronger and of better blade quality, try the True Fire T1, comes in both 100 and 125 gr, with .032″ thick blades. Also, the Slick Trick now has .035″ blades standard and is also of 100% machined steel. The Trophy Taker Terminal-T is 100% heat treated, machined steel with .041″ thick blades. All of these are excellent performers.


    If a larger cut is desired in a 100-gr broadhead, that is very accurate and strong, the QAD Exodus is what I’d recommend. 100% machined steel, .040″ blades, 1-¼” cut. These performed exceptionally well on Elk and Hog scapula without any damage, while retaining edge sharpness.
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    I Agree 100% the exodus is an amazing head!! But im a mechanical guy, I shoot grim’s. Best mechanicals imo….
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    i shoot muzzy 4 blades and slick tricks 100 grain for deer and havent had any go mor than 30 yrds, one left  a small bloodtrail , we tried to follow for fun….they are both very accurate
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    NAP Bloodrunner 2 blade. Very accurate and VERY deadly.
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    I will take wise council from GJ Archer,  I trust his wisdom!
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    I took gjarcher’s advise and have used the QAD Exodus and Tru-Fire T-1.  Both have worked great.  Last fall I errantly sent a T-1 into an oak tree at 35 yards.  After some effort I finally got it out.  I was surprised it looked like I could hunt with it.  It spun true and flew great.  I recommend them.
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    God gives us only so much time on earth, don't waste it. Jesus blood washes sins away, just pray.
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