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    Just trying to pick your brains on what to put down this year. I have 80 acres to play with, and I can’t wait to get out there. Have any of you used Grain sorghum?? I have been hearing its good for Turkeys and Whitetail. I also plan to put down three large plots of Brassica/clover mixes.

    Your thoughts? Thanks in advance for the help{#emotions_dlg.mathews_thumbs_up}

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    My brother and I have had good success with turnips!!

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    Not to go too far off topic, but we are planting collards for fall success!!


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    Turnips and buck oats have been my choice for 5-6 years, with a top dressing of clover seed that will come up in the plots in the spring.  The deer really hit the oats as soon as they come up, and will start hitting the turnip tops after it frosts.  Later in the season and into the winter they get the bulbs after the tops are gone.  Its been a huge success mixture for me that keeps them coming from the first of bow season all the way through late season, then gives them the clover early in the spring through the summer.  I plant late august/early september.  A tough time to plant due to lack of moisture sometimes, but I really try to hit it when a good rain is forecasted.  I turn the ground with a plow usually early august, and then  start watching the weather, I till and plant on the same day.  I also maintenance the clover throughout the spring and summer by brushhogging the plot every time the clover blooms.  In most cases, unless I do not get a good stand of clover come up in the spring, I leave the clover for a full year, which means I have all my plots on a rotation only reworking and planting turnips and oats every other year.  That way I always have half my plots in turnips/oats and half in clover.  The deer still love the clover late up into the fall.  I even have a couple plots that are split in half, half clover and half turnips/oats.  Its been a great success for me for the last 5-6 years.
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    The deer in my neck of the woods seem to really enjoy a cereal grain of some sort (oats, rye grain, winter wheat, etc), clover, or beans.  I’ve hunted a bean field before where it stayed too wet for the farmer to get the beans on into december, and the deer just hammered it like crazy.  I’m talking 20+ deer in the field just about every time I hunted it for 2 or more hours before dark.

    I don’t have any experience with cut corn fields, but I can tell you the deer hit my clover food plot pretty good year round, with the exception of when it gets really hot and dry.  Seems like at that time the clover goes a little dormant and the deer move onto the bean fields.  They always come back to it later in the fall or winter when it cools down some though, and the clover starts to come back some.

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    Well I worked hard this spring after turkey season added an quater ac killin plot this year . Two plots in BEANS and re did my clover plot after losing it to last years drought, this year with the wall hanger.  We had a bout a week and half of dryness just enough for me to turn the dirt, and get the lime/ seed/fert in the ground , and now I’ve been blessed again with more rain .  So finger crossed no drought this year.

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    Thanks guys!
    All good info!! That drought last year was tough on everything here as well. Good luck guys. I’m already pumped for Bow season! Good luck with your plots{#emotions_dlg.mathews_praying}
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    Corn,Soybeans, & Clover

    Chufa for turkeys

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    I plant soybeans bought from the NWTF.  They are roundup ready and only cost $7/bag.  If the drought kills em or the yield is low I no till sow purple top turnips over the top of the soybeans in august and they are ready for the September opener.  Has worked like a charm for years.
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