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    I am still in A’stan at the moment and have been playing around on OT2 in my spare time….but I can’t remember how much weight I have on the string of Z7 Mag….. can anyone tell me how much the following weigh? String Grub, Monkey tail, Avg peep, and D-Loop.

    Much aprreciated.

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    I once weight 3 different Monkey tails and the weight was 17.3 grains. Never weighted a grub, and I believe that OT2 will give you a suggested average weight of a peep and loop?
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    Since the Z7 Mag IBO rating was determined with the String Grubs on (they act like Speed Nocks) you don’t have to enter their weight into OT2 … I believe the String Grub is 37 grains.

    The average peep is about 7 grains. D-Loop material is about 1 grain/inch, and it takes about 4.5″ of material to make a 1/2″ D-Loop. Specialty Archery SuperBall peep is 9 grains without insert, 14 grains with aperture insert.

    Monkey Tails as configured on new bow reduce arrow speed by about 2 fps. Cat Whiskers weight about 35 grains and reduce arrow speed by about 2 fps. Simms String Leeches are about 26 grains each and a pair reduce speed from 3 to 4 fps depending on location…they also are not durable, intended to last one hunting season.

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    Thanks for the great info guys! Exactly what I was looking for. Very Much Appreciated!


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