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    GT Kinetics fly pretty good
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    Working in the golf industry I’ve been very familiar with Aldila, which is Victory’s’ parent company.  Aldila is a world renowned graphite golf shaft engineering firm and I’m sure this technology has passed down into the processes at Victory.

    After bustin up 5 CX Bluestreaks over the weekend I headed to my archery shop to test some VAP 1’s.  I really enjoyed the technology involved in the testing the arrow with the new Penetrator outsert.  This new outsert is pretty impressive and now weighs in at 50 grains.  The outsert features a new “lip” for lack of a better term. This “lip” covers a small portion of the outer wall of the shaft, all but eliminating the possibility of “mushrooming” the end of the shaft as with the previous Penetrator outserts.   The downside is the ugly color coding (green, orange, yellow) of the outsert, which determines which shaft each fits.
    I ended up taking home 400 grain VAP 1’s with the green 50 grain Penetrator.  So far so good and they fly better, faster, and penetrate more than my CX Bluestreak 250’s
    VAP Penetrator
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    Gold tip pro hunter, black or camo . I just tested 2 dozen camo’s The wt, straightness and spine from one shaft to another is almost identical!!Best arrow I have tested to date!!
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    GoldTip all the way for me, switched several times, and after I kick myself I always come back to GoldTips.
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    another for GT{#emotions_dlg.mathews_thumbs_up}
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