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    Useing Deer steak (or any “poundable” piece of deer) cut onto about 4oz. pcs, Pound with a meat tenderizer, (Meat Mallet) until appx. 1/8 inch thick.

    In a bowl mix enough eggs to coat all meat with— minced garlic (sub with garlic powder or granulated Garlic), Romano cheese, salt&pepper, and fresh parsley.

    Salt&Pepper all medallions.

    Dredge one peice at a time into flour, then egg (let excess drip off), and lightly dredge into flour once again.

    Place pieces into medium hot skillet and cook until golden brown.

    When finished sprinkle with romano cheese and fresh lemon juice.

    Serve with a garlic & Olive oil pasta and a medium bodied white wine to a medium bodied red

    TIP—–You may eliminate the second “dredging of flour” Just simply: Flour, Egg Mix, Skillet. This will give you a lighter, more “batter like” coating. Also you can test the temp of skillet with a small drip of raw egg. Remember if you choose not to do the second flouring use a non-stick skillet because the egg is more prone to sticking.

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    that was most excellent. tried the other night and even convinced my girlfriend to have some. (she hates the idea of eating bambi, but couldn’t resist this) thanks and keep em coming as often as possible. i also added a small amount of pesto to the pasta. garnished with a fresh basil leaf. it was excellent! thanks again.
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    OOOHHH Copy Paste Copy Paste Cant wait to finish my cookbook.
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    again that was a delicious dinner tonight. do you have a link on wines, as far as learning more about them, flavors, how to match, etc. just something i’ve always wanted to know about.
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    That sounds great I can’t wait to try it. Thanks Chef.I love aglio e olio. (garlic and olive oil pasta for the non-Italians)[:D][=}=]
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    Just finished eating.[:thumbup][:thumbup]
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