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    How hard are used cams to find?  Or how expensive are new cams?  I am looking at a z7 xtreme and need a 28 inch cam for it.  I was wondering how hard the cams were to find and how expensive they were?
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    Your best bet would be AT.

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    28″ is a fairly common DL, but if you need Left Hand, not so good. Best bet for LH cam is AT Classified Ads Everything Left Handed.
    You  need a ZX cam

    First place to check is all the local Mathews Pro Shops. Pricing on new cams varies from shop to shop, region to region. Many dealers also keep a selection of cams for bows, and now that the Z7X is discontinued they may want to let some go or might even swap out your cam with one of theirs.

    Next place is AT Classifieds … Strings/Cams/Modules:

    There is a 28″ ZX cam currently for sale on AT, $45 TYD.


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    Thanks guys!  I appreciate it very much!
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