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    Does anyone else besides me have to wait for over two weeks or longer when ordering a part for a late model Mathews like say a 2011 from there local authorized Mathews dealer? I ordered a cam for my Conquest Triumph. Anticipation it’s making me wait. Here in Hawaii.
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    UPS is generally 5 days from CA to NY, so two weeks doesn’t sound unreasonable.  Where abouts on the island are you?  I spent 18 months at Kaneohe in the early 70’s.  KMCAS
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    I don’t think the carrier is the problem … even if you are on Niihau, UPS Ground delivery is 5 to 7 calendar days. {#emotions_dlg.mathews_tongue}

    Check into when the dealer actually contacted Mathews and placed the order, that is where the wait usually occurs. Most parts for discontinued bows or in inventory ship out within a couple of days, those in production might have a wait queue and backorder. If your dealer bundled your order with other orders that could be another problem if the entire order has to fill before shipped.

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    guy lives in one of the most beautiful places in the world…wah!!  so the mails slow.

    haha..just kidding.  the folks still shoveling snow are not amused..
    hope you get your stuff.  i mailed stuff for my friend and his Dren LD last year.  way faster..he still owes me the money..ha!!

    good luck.

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