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    Ted has done more for the sport of archery by accident than most of us will ever do on purpose.
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    I am glad that Ted and Shemane are on the right team now! He has his moments, that is for sure, but he has done plenty for all of us to say the least!
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    I see he’s shooting the Creed bowand said most actuate bow he ever shot !

    You really didn’t expect him to say that the Creed WASN’T the most accurate bow he’s ever shot, did you?

    You’ll hear the same thing from him next year about the new Mathew’s flagship bow.

    Never thought we’d ever see ole Ted sell out per say and become the next marketing ploy, but I guess everybody’s got a price.

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    I am on the side that says nay on this. He is not a conservationist but does speaks out on things that I agree with sometimes. The problem that I have is that he is a hypocrite. Waving the flag but being a draft dodger himself, sorry but I will support our military and respect all who served. I feel he is only about the money.
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    I think its a good thing. Mainly because I can’t think of anyone else that’s more outspoken about supporting constitutional rights and hunting than uncle Ted. If you haven’t seen the Pierce Morgan interview with Ted, you should watch it, he sure dont hold back!

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    I’m not a Ted fan and Mathews can partner up with whomever they choose…that is their business.

    The guy has been busted for game law violations in California in 2010 and in 2012 Unc Ted was busted again for a 2009 bear hunt in Alaska,  wounding and not recovering a black bear, then shooting and tagging a second black bear days later.

    Nugent’s “anything goes” hunting style is not what I would want to teach my grandkids.

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