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    Way to go brother! Thats awesome!  I’m done as of this past Saturday.  Didn’t get one with the bow for the first time in 5 or 6 years.  Sadly, never even took the bow out.  Got to go hunting 7 times, out of those 7 times only once by myself.  I am not at all disappointed in that fact either.

    Hunt 1 – youth day, took my son and one of his buddies.  His buddy scored on his first spring gobbler.  Result was one happy lil 10 year old.
    Hunt 2 – Opening day, it was cold and blustery, and neither of my kids would get out of bed and go. I didn’t have a plan, no blind set up, nor any idea where any birds where.  Grabbed the shotgun and headed out.  Killed a nice 3 year old.
    Hunt 3 – Took my son, he smacked a tom in the face, another 3 year old with 10.25″ beard.
    Hunt 4 – Took my daughter, she smacked a tom in face, a fun 2 year old who liked to gobble and came in nicely.
    Hunt 5 – Went with a buddy, colder than I’ll get out, wind blowing 30+mph, we heard one bird gobble a couple times at daylight and that was it.
    Hunt 6 – Took my wife, she had a big swing and a miss on a bird that was gobbling hard and worked into 25 yards right in our face gobbling and strutting.
    Hunt 7 – Took the wife again for round 2.  Worked an old bird for 2 hours that had a hen with him, finally worked the hen in by mocking her and he followed…..swing and miss for strike 2!  Got on another bird about 9:45, and ended up there were 3, a 2 year old and two jakes.  The third one was the charm, finally put one down!

    A great season, and I dont mind one bit spending my time taking my kids, wife, and other friends! Sorry I was not help to the team guys.

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    Here’s how it all went down boys…………

    YouTube – 2013 Michigan Spring Turkey…..Bullhead Style



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