Turkey scouting tip and question.

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    it’s poop! #-o

    :^O :^O :^O =D/>” title=”Applause” />  <img src= :agree :agree

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    Looks like “Goose Poop” to me!

    :^O :^O :^O :^O :^O :^O
    Boy things are looking better for TEAM 4 every day :D . Sorry I can’t say the same for TEAM 1 though :D :hugs[/quote:1ckq4fdv]

    You just keep thinkin’ that!

    ;) :hugs

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    Blood Bath2006

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    Okay, most of you got it right. It is Gobbler poop. I was really hoping some of the younger/less experienced turkey hunters would get in on this though. Lone Wolf was right, though I wouldn’t say hen crap looks like popcorn, hen poop is deposited in a pile and gobbler comes out in the shape of a J. Hopefully this will help you pattern your gobblers and hens on your property. [=}=]

    GO TEAM 4!

    March 9, 2007 at 1:16 pm #510617 Back to Top REPORT

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    Thanks, that was one I’ld forgotten long ago, need all the help I can
    get to get back into it again.

    Now if I could just get the dog to stop howling when I practice calling
    on my back deck, I might be able to hear one answer back. :^O

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    That was a good post!! :D
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