Tuning a Chill

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    Last night I was tuning my Chill and I ended up with a very very high knocking point to eliminate my high tear (point high knock low). Also I twisted the cables so that they centered in the cam timing hole. I did not check the timing at full draw. I always though that the timing holes were key to timing the cams. Is that not true? Axle to Axle ended up at 30 5/16″. Should I take twists out of the cables and string to get the axle to axle back to 30.5″. I know 30.5 is approximate but wanted info from someone that has set one up before. Can cam timing issues be the reason for such a high knock. I wish I had measured it but it is extremely high.
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    Jay Miller

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    I would start here.

    http://forums.mathewsinc.com/archery-4/ … x-250.html

    And the monster series dual cams can be out of sync yet still in time via the timing windows. A creep tuning and/or a draw board would be required to get the cams in sync.

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