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    never thought i would say it.  but Trekking poles are a game changer!  i had a coupon for REI.  i had nothing i needed, so on a whim i picked up a set of alum trekking poles.  not to expensive.  they had carbon fiber ones that cost around $170!  the very cheap ones you can collapse when you put weight on them.  so i opted for a middle of the pack pair.  solid locks,,but i dont get the lightweight benefits.

    well, i hiked recently and let me tell you they saved my knees.  we had one section where we dropped from a summit of 11k and the trail just kept going down and down.  my knees ached, but using the trekking poles prevented those unstable stumbles.  i was solid going down.  uphill?  i worked them like a cross country skier.  i poled myself along.  i know i was doing something because the first morning after a long hike, i woke up with very sore tricep muscles.  there were four of us in a group.  one had no trekking poles.  i loaned him mine for a section and he was impossible to keep up with.  he went from slow to fast..and i did the opposite.

    i’m not sure how i will work them into my hunts.  maybe just use them to get to my destinations.  i know i will collapse them and store them on my elk hunts.  packing out hind leg will be much better with the poles.

    you bivy hunters.  look into them.  game changers.

    on a side note.  all long distant hikers that we met doing the Pacific Coast trail had poles.  they were doing 25 miles a day..and going from mexico to canada.  insanity..pure insanity..

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    Very informative.  My wife and I are taking a cruise to Alaska next month and one of our shore excursions includes hiking.  May have to look at some poles.

    Speaking of which, I do have one already that is a multi-purpose stick.  It works as a gun mono-pod, a camera pod or a hiking stick.  I’ve never used it for hiking.  Would one be of enough benefit?

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    The pair is the key. You always have two points of contact.
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    The pair is the key. You always have two points of contact.

    Yep – without a doubt. The first time I used poles, I was on a hike down into the Grand Canyon with a guide and a small group. My wife and I were the oldest. In our 50’s. We did a lot of hiking before we went on the trip so we were in pretty good shape.

    The poles they gave us were pretty light and sturdy. I wouldn’t do any serious hiking without em now. Makes a huge difference.


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    Thanks Vash! Seen them used but never tried them.
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    I’ve found even using one pole really helps out.  I’ve got some Leki sticks that I used for fishing (not recommended as the springs rust out and they’ve never worked right since)  I’ve never tried two before, but if it helps, I’m game.
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