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    Realtree AP HD for me.
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    I normally wear predator but I just bought some new camo all in LOST camo, I love this stuff it has lights,darks open area, real simillar to predator in a way.
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    Fusion 3D, from all places Walmart! :shock: It is a great open pattern camo at half the price of the big name stuff.


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    predator for me too
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    I have a little of everything. But I believe my next stuff may either be Realtree AP HD or something I can find with a gray/brown background.
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    I think you need a variety of camo for different scenarios. I wear Mossy Oak New Break Up when I’m hunting on the ground or somewhere I have a lot of shadows because it is a really dark camo in my opinion. Right now for treestand hunting I wear Realtree AP HD because I think the light browns and the little bit of green works well in the trees this time of year. And I just added the Mossy Oak treestand to my lineup for late season when there is snow on the ground and everything is more of a grey shade than brown. I personally don’t think there is one ultimate camo pattern but to each his own. Just my thoughts though
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    I use my digital camo from when I was in the Marines, if it will fool your outline from a guy with a scope, then it will fool our four legged friends. Plus it already has non-uv material……if only the made it scent free :D .

    Too be honest that stuff is amazing in the woods.They were really on to something when they designed that stuff. :thumbup

    All the camo out there and I still think that the mil stuff is some of the best.

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    [font=comic sans ms]I voted other…Realtree hardwoods, Realtree AP, Advatage Timber are my favorites. tried Mossy Oak and I think it’s to dark for my area!!![/color:1iet9dzm][/size:1iet9dzm][/font]
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    I voted other..I like Realtree AP HD the best.
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    Realtree AP HD for me. I really like Lost Camo too. It looks like a lighter Hardwoods HD to me. [=}=]


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    I voted for the other mossy oak.. simply becuase i know that it is effective for the area that i hunt. however i have purchased the new mossyoak treestand however it is still not the right time to break that out yet so the results were kind of premature and still in teh waiting for me personally..
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    RealTree AP for me…the light colors and opennest works good around here :thumbup
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