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    I’m in search of a good trail cam that sends pic to my cell when pics are taken. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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    Here is my .02

    I have tried a ton and my favorite is the Covert MP cams. They seem to work year after year. I find so many have issues the following year when I take them out to use especially any wildgame product. So much white out… :( I just got 3 new ones, a Spycam Eclypse, Cuddeback E3 and another Covert MP8 Black. This is my 1st cuddeback so well see. I just can’t spend $200+ for a cam… too much theft but this one is $150 so I got one to try. All cams I get now are blackout. You can’t go wrong with a covert try one they are great cams. Great pics both day and night, they are small and easy and batt last in them and they are about 100-150 depending on model.

    I live in VA set out 5 cams in Sept in KS then go back in Nov so I want a fail proof cam that is not going to hang up drain batteries… so bring my Coverts in my best spots. I have not been disappointed in the last couple years. I have 4 now but as mentioned I do use many others but the covert is my fav.

    I do not have any that send to cell as for me thats to much involvement and cost… for me I would have pics every hour of the day so would have to retire…

    My Buck killing skills are sick – too bad there not contagious!!! Big Bucks are easy - That's why I let them go and shoot little young ones :)
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    Check your state regs and the regs of states you may hunt. In 2014 many states, Colorado among them, have prohibited any Wi-Fi connectivity, including drones, through Internet or cell networks. This is just a logical extension of prohibiting radios or aerial spotting of Big Game to guide hunter onto them. Of course, off-season there is no prohibition, in Colorado you may be facing a felony charge during Big Game season.

    Sorry, I don’t know of any trail cams that connect wirelessly to a cell network, iPhone, etc. {#emotions_dlg.mathews_peace}

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