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    The Dren has been great to me but the past 2 years on a dry spell. I’ve been on a 150 plus only adventure and she just hasn’t got the opportunity. I chased them in N. Missouri, on the Iowa border, the last two years and at home in NE Arkansas. After yet another no shot Missouri trip, I hit the stand back home in the farmlands. Bumped a deer walking in yesterday morning and it sounded very heavy footed trotting off in the darkness. Work duty called so I left around 10 AM without seeing a deer. I pulled the trail card on the way out and to my horror it was a deer that I had history with last year but I haven’t seen a single pic this year on any of the cams. I was sure he had been killed and now sure he wouldn’t be back after being bumped. It was dark so maybe it wasn’t as bad as my gut was telling me.

    I decided to push it after seeing the pics even though the wind was not perfect but not horrible either. Back to the same stand which I haven’t sit all year waiting for this time of year. This stand is one when they start cruising it’s my best set on the farm. In between a big thick bedding area and are where the doe feed all the time in the open timber. So back on the stand at 2:00pm and no deer moving at all the first few hours. At 4:30 with no action, I decided a rattling sequence to get the evening started was in order. I love rattling and rattled up 10plus bucks a week in a half earlier in Missouri. Four were shooters but just couldn’t make it happen but I still always rattle this time of year. I pounded the horns got my bow and waited. Sure enough footsteps within 5 minutes, 2 doe came right in but stopped down wind. 2 minutes later I hear quick footsteps from behind me, peaked over my shoulder and here he comes straight to he tree. It’s the same buck I had on cam this morning. Ofcourse the mini shakes started next, wow I love that feeling. Oh crap!!! The doe saw me peak and is staring me down and she’s slightly down wind!!! I thought it was going to be over before I got a shot because there was no way I could spin with ole nosey doe staring me down. Then I got really lucky, he marched right in on a mission and stopped within inches of my tree. At that point he turned his focus on the girls. The doe spooked slightly and trotted off 30 yds in front of me. Love in his heart, he started to slowly follow. That gave me a great 10yd shot right below the tree, game over!! The Rage clipped the spin and buried in the brisket, he didn’t go 5 feet. Yeap I wear Scent Blocker and Shoot Rage broadheads for all the haters!

    What a hunt and well worth the two year wait, countless hours on stand passing up smaller PY deer and wishing I had a gun in my hand several times.

    Now the question begs to be asked should the Dren be retired a champion for one of the new Matthews or let her continue her service with me in 2013???

    In my zone we only have a two day shotgun season. I’m really glad the guy that tried to take a head shot only grazed this bucks right eye! He just slit him open just below the eye lid and burned the hair off behind his eye. Whew glad he was a few inches off.

    I’m not one to post much but after all the great success stories over the years that has helped me stay motivated when the going got tough, I thought I would share mine.

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    Great buck =D/>” title=”Applause” /></div>
<div class=PSE DNA.........PSE REVOlution.......Breathn built!
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    IL Archer

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    Congratulations awesome buck!

    On your bow shoot them and see which like best the Dren or one of the new ones!

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    The Ghost

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    Good job. Congratulations! :thumbup
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    GREAT Buck! Congratulations.
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    I am keeping my Dren
    70 lb Left Hand Mathews HTR set at 63 lbs. 29 inch draw 28 inch Beman ICS Hunter 340 at 412 grains 100 Grain Rocket Steelhead (old stock) Shooting 273 fps avg after 8 chrono
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    Awesome buck! =D/>” title=”Applause” />  <!-- s:thumbup --><img src=
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    Great buck congrats :thumbup
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    that is one mighty fine monster of a buck !! =D/>” title=”Applause” />  <img src=
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    Deere Farmer

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    Congratulations on a great buck! Nice story! :thumbup =D/>” title=”Applause” />  <!-- s8D --><img src=
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    Congratulations on a great buck! Nice story! :thumbup =D/>” title=”Applause” />  <!-- s8D --><img src=

    X2 :thumbup

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    Great buck congrats :thumbup


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    Great story, great buck, great bow !!! :thumbup

    I am going to replace my Drenaline with a Chill. I didn’t think I would like a bow better but I like the Chill better. I have not shot a single cam better IMO than the Drenaline though ! And really don’t need anything else but will probably go to the Chill anyway !

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    congrats on a great buck :thumbup
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