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    Just wondering how many of you guys are bottoming out limb bolts then backing off equal amounts or shooting the bow with the bottom 1/2 to one turn in furthur than the top or vice versa. Was told to adjust this till the bow felt and shot better. I did notice when the limb bolts were backed out one turn from being bottomed out the string was wearing the upper limb stop more than the bottom and i did check the tiller with dental foss running across the axles and it was even fom the limb pockets to the dental floss. Just looking for answers. Any info would be appreciated. And i am shooting a new 2013 apex 7.  Thanks, Mike

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    I always shot mine with eqaul turns top and bottom. I never got into the turn here or there method, and my Apex 7’s shot lights out! The only problem I had was had placement was extremely crucial…..simple putting the pressure an 1/8″ different would make the impact point significantly different…more so than on other bows it seemed to me! That being said, if you do place your hand consistently, the bow will drive nails! Wish I still had both of mine!
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