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    I would seriously wonder how this could be done???Espacially on the parallel :?: :?: :?: limb??? :!: :!: :!:
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    [font=comic sans ms]The only thing I’m seeing different about my XT is that its rated as a faster bow than my LX was. And Its shooting slower using the same arrows I used on the LX. The only difference is a one inch shorter draw length. I didn’t think that would make that big of a difference changing from 29 to 28″. I shot the 29″ at the shop the other day and then weny back and shot my 28″ and I feel more comfortable shooting the 28″. If I went longer I would only go to a 1/2″ longer. After shooting my XT for close to a month now I like the XT better than the LX because it is smoother and more forgiving. Its just not as fast :thumbup [/color:3cfoa3ph][/size:3cfoa3ph][/font]
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    I would like to see one in the 35-36 inch ATA,8 inch brace height,parallel limbs,320+ FPS ,80 lb limbs and all the bells and whistles on the Switchbacks that are now available.I’d have to pony up for one of these babies. :D :D :D :D :D
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    I would seriously wonder how this could be done???Espacially on the parallel :?: :?: :?: limb??? :!: :!: :!:

    Like this:

    That’s a 37″ ATA Ross CR 337.
    Here’s a Hoyt Trykon XL (36″ ATA):

    And here’s an ’05 BowTech Old Glory (37 1/4″ ATA, the ’06s are 36 3/4″):


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    Big B

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    I don’t think there is a need for that type of bow now.
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    I agree that Mathews needs a longer ATA bow for those of us that want to shoot 3D’s and hunt with the same bow. Mathews has owned the market here but things are changing. Let me say that I own 2 Switchbacks and 1 Switchback XT(plus have owned about 7 or 8 different Mathews over the past few years), so I am not bashing Mathews I have been and still am a fan. If you look at your top 3D shooters few shoot short ATA bows, granted the Switchbacks shoot great for short ATA bows. Some of the best shooters here that have been loyal Mathews fans have switched to Bowtech Old Glories and Constitutions, some have switched to the longer Hoyt Trycon, simply because of Mathews not having a longer ATA bow with the bh and speed they are looking for. The Bowtech Constitution seems to be taking off here and the guys shooting it (two owned Apex first) are kicking butt at the range with it, (8.25″ bh well over 300′ fps 40″ ATA) it is a fast and forgiving bow. I have a Bowtech ordered myself, I never thought I would say that after switching from a Hoyt Striker to a MQ1 I have only owned Mathews. If Mathews comes out with a longer ATA(36″ to 40″) Bow with good bh of 7.5″ plus and a speed of 315 fps plus, and it is a shooter, I will have 1 or 2 of them myself if it is a reasonable price.
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    The only hole Mathews has in their line-up,IMO, is the need for a youth hunting bow… :thumbup

    :agree :agree :agree :agree :agree :agree

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    I’d like to thank everyone that voted and posted.
    Interesting results. Even though the number of votes (obviously) changed, the percentages remained pretty constant.
    About 1/3 of the people said No. :-S Half said Yes. :thumbup And, of course, the rest said maybe.
    It’s not very scientific, but I think the poll shows there’s a market for an “SB XT”. At least on this forum. ;)
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    we did have some of those

    I Con

    out of those three bows the one that really ever sold was the MQ1.. [=}=][/quote:agflxr7q]

    And they were all great bows and thats why “we” don’t understand why Mathews stopped. I really don’t want to go buy a used Mathews from 98 – 02. Plus they are not true parallel limb bows. Not trying to argue Bob, I just don’t understand. :?:[/quote:agflxr7q]

    Apparantly, low sales. [=}=]

    There is a market besides this Forum. Just because X amount of folks on here would like a long ATA bow doesn’t mean that everyone does. This Forum is just a small piece of the market. [=}=] So, how can some people say that Mathews isn’t listening to their customers? Perhaps most of them outside this Forum want a short ATA bow? [=}=] JMO.

    Have you given an XT a fair shot? You might be surprised. [=}=]

    In all honesty, I haven’t given an XT a try. :oops: BUT, it justs doesn’t interest me “on paper”. I have no doubt it’s a great bow but it’s PHYSICALLY too short for me.
    I think bigrackHack said it best:

    It’s a stability issue. I like the Mathews draw cycle, but a longer ATA bow with a little extra weight would hold superbly


    Go in with a open mind and shoot it. [=}=][/quote:agflxr7q]

    I agree. Most folks that want a long ATA bow haven’t even given the “shorties” a try. Besides a packed pro shop and limited time, when I bought my XTEC, a big factor was that it was 36″ ATA. Then when I shot both the Outback and Switchback the next spring, I realized that these short bows felt and held much better than the longer XTEC.

    Stability is in the riser Not ATA ;)

    Yes sir.[/quote:agflxr7q]

    Yeah, I’m sure the MQ1 and Conquest were low sellers :?: :?: :?: The MQ1 is what got the ball rolling for Mathews and the Conquest and versions of the conquest have to be one the longest running bow Mathews has ever put out. As far as the forum goes you don’t think that the people on here represent the MATHEWS buyer :?: :?: :?: I don’t even know where to start with that. I guess its a bunch of hoyt and PSE shooters getting on here to vote and try to get Mathews to make a longer bow.

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    The MQ1 and Conquest were great sellers but the little Switchback blew them all out of the water. Times change, people change, desires change. [=}=]
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    I would not mind an XT LD or an XT with a little more brace and ATA.
    Having said that , I dont know If I would give up my XT for a longer ATA bow as that means more weight because of the longer riser.
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    The only hole Mathews has in their line-up,IMO, is the need for a youth hunting bow… :thumbup

    :agree :agree :agree :agree :agree :agree[/quote:1zyvjvvv]
    That’s fair enough. Not being in the market for a kids’ bow, I didn’t know there was a “hole” there too.
    Besides a kids’ bow (’cause I’m selfish and I want Mathews to make a bow for me :p) what else would you guys like to see? I’m really asking this of the people that voted no.
    To me it’s like they almost have[/i:1zyvjvvv] to fill the gap in their line-up. The bow I’m envisioning is really the only kind of bow they don’t offer at present. I mean, they got short bows, REALLY short bows, long ATA bows, parallel limbs, not-so-parallel limbs. If they came out with a mid-sized parallel-limb bow, with all the goodies of the XT/LD, I think they’d clean up.
    If they don’t, I think there gonna continue to lose sales to companies like Hoyt, Ross, BowTech, AR, etc. that ARE offering bows like that.
    JMO. [=}=]

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    I can Only agree on this one, since I’ve been saying this for a while.
    I would really like a 35-36″ATA 310+ IBO Parallel limb bow to hit the market.
    Target color option of course.
    Don’t say the market is covered by Mathews, cause it isn’t so.
    The Prestige doesn’t fill-up for this gap, as does the Switchback ( XT or LD ).
    Switch would be a nice option as I hear good things on this one.
    But has no target color option!!!
    Words like the riser would be instable, because of it’s length should take a look at the Bowtech Constitution at 40″ATA!!!
    The market-gap is noticed, and being filled by Storm ( Elite ), Hoyt (Trykon XL ), Ross (337 competition ).
    So why doesn’t Mathews take action?
    Are they turning away from their competition shooters, and towards hunters?
    Or does Mathews believe it can do without that part of the market?
    cause riddle me this… they leave this gap unbridged, but have two bows in the 31″ hunter region ( Outback and XT )
    You can’t tell me the LD is drawing too much attention either.

    No offence towards Mathews though, I really like my old Legacy.
    I just wish I had the option of a decent follow up for the “old lady” by Mathews.

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    Ah yes, I remember it well. All the crybabies saying Mathews came out with nothing new this year. Now all I hear is the praises being sung about the new lineup. Ninety percent of the people doing the griping haven’t even shot the new ones.
    Shoot what you like and quitcherbitchin.
    :thumbup To PA (Alan) who is man enough to admit that he was wrong.


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    Al, there are many times I see you as a voice of reason on this site, but I’ve really got to disagree with you on this.

    Shoot what you like and quitcherbitchin.


    These guys are TRYING to shoot what they like(Mathews). Give them credit for that. Mathews simply doesn’t fill the gap. I don’t know why. Maybe they’re avoiding the weight issue (although 1/2 lb isn’t going to break anyone’s back and is proven to make a more stable bow) or maybe they can’t get competetive speeds with a cam design that keeps the smoothness on a longer ATA bow (although 10-15fps slower than the competition wouldn’t be the end of the world, the anti-M crowd would jump all over it). You can’t tell me they’re worried about there not being enough demand for it. If that’s the logic, then where in the heck did the LD come from? That’s a “niche” bow and it isn’t exactly setting the world on fire in sales numbers.

    Some of you guys get out of your comfort zone and read other forums. There is demand for an SB XL. It seems the only ones listening to prospective Mathews customers, is the competition.

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