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    Hey guys,

    Let’s get everyone to check in so we can decide on a team name.

    I’ve been in this contest every year since 2006, with that being a winning year for my team.
    We got a Mathews hat if I recall for winning, so this year’s prizes really are a huge step up in incentive to win!

    Going to shoot my new Mission Sniper Lite crossbow to start this season, but still have the old reliable Switchback XT in reserve for use.  Probably will set it up on minimum poundage to make it easier to draw this year if I feel like taking it out. Have had some health issues so decided to make it easier on the old body and decided to try a crossbow out.  Never wanted to go that route, but sometimes you do what you have to do to maximize the ability to put venison in the freezer.

    I’m pretty much always good for a doe but sometimes go a couple seasons between bucks, so I’m due this season :)  I try to shoot only 3+ year old bucks, so pass on the little guys – regardless if they are “points” in the contest.  This contest is for fun, so we should all hunt like it doesn’t exist and see where the points fall. If we win, or place near the top, that’s great – but if not, there are “no worries” – we are on a mission to have fun this deer season!

    Very excited about getting into the woods on Sep 11th when the MD season opens!


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    Here from Indiana. Season starts oct 1st for me. First time one the contest but I’m sure I can get some points. 2 years ago I took 5 does and a buck. Last year I took 3 does and a 10 pointer.

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    Hey all, checking in from Kansas, season starts here in about 3 weeks. Really looking forward the contest. I hope we can all continue to check in from time to time even though I know its hard during season. I have been in 3 contest so far and the communication really drops off. Really though, the board in general has been dead for a while. I have only been bow hunting for 6 years so I really like to hear what everybody else is doing, as I also will have some questions pop up from time to time. I havent looked at our regs yet this year, usually in our area of the state we have been able to take 3 does and one buck, it all depends on the numbers. I too really only look for 3+ year old bucks. I hope everybody has a safe and succesful year. Got a couple pics from the hit list

    RCNX0216   Video

    Feel free to post your own photos I know I am sure looking forward to seeing them, as I am sure everybody else is too. 

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    Scott from Mississippi. Think this is my 7th/8th year in contest. Hope we have a active team. Season starts Oct. 01 and runs until Jan. 31 so I have plenty of time to get some points. Usually don’t run many cameras because the batteries get eaten up taking pics of hogs. I do have two out right now so might have some to post up. I’m good with any team name. No help with banners. Good luck to every one.

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    V Man

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    Good morning guys.  Vance here checking in from Minnesota.  I hunt here and also in Buffalo County WI so I have some decent opportunities to shoot a good buck.  I also only shoot (or try to ) mature deer.  I have been in this for 7 or 8 years and try my best to keep in touch.  I am usually better earlier in the season than later.  3 weeks til opener for me.  I do have 3 boys that play hockey so I don’t get a ton of time to hunt but usually add points every year.  Nice meeting you all and good luck this season!
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