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    Hi everyone,
    need some advice on turkey calls, looking for a box caller and a slate caller. (have the others) I know there are people on here (or were people on here) that lived turkeys, so throw out your favorite calls…
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    Illusion makes the best turkey calls I have used. Best deer and duck call too.  They make them in Lost Camo if that’s a plus for you.
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    There are many good calls out there, but I’ll date myself a little bit here.  You can’t beat a Lynch World Champion.  I think it’s their model 102 and for a slate, I’ll take a Quaker Boy D.D. Adams double slate.  A lot of turkeys would agree if they were alive to talk about it.
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    You could always get a handmade call from  a local call maker.  They always sound better.
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