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    Not bragging just reflecting on a great year. I tagged out in VA for first time in a couple years. For the last 10 + years I would always tag out on bucks in VA (3 per year) but I went through a tough personal time the last 2 years and did not kill or hunt as much focusing on friends and letting stuff go… (my choice) SO this year my goal was to get back in the groove and Im happy I did and had a great season. I still got to hunt with friends and some nice bucks were killed by them so to sum it up it was great year and I got a decent KS buck as well. Next year its quality!!! well hopefully!!![/size:glkjz56q]

    This years disappointments were that I did not get a bear I was after and I saw so many and I did not kill any of the deer I targeted. I did let one of them go a couple times and Im also happy to report that at least 2 of them made it thru season (pic)!

    Just want to thank all my friends who I hunt with and share my time on this earth with as it was an amazing and eventful year and I cant wait to do it again.

    VA Buck # 1. Had to drop him as where we were hunting they want deer killed and I wanted to break the ice before I went to KS. I had let many bucks far bigger than this one go prior to killing this but when I hunt with friends I like to get something on the ground making memories…

    VA Buck # 2. Was not sure on killing this one. He was mature and big but no real rack. It was a great hunt and looking back Im glad I killed him.

    VA Buck # 3. This is the late season and last buck. It taunted me all year. There are a few like him where I hunt and I finely decided to take him. Just a solid deer nothing special other than allowing me to achieve my this years goal.

    KS Buck. Was remorseful at first to take this guy but after a rough season in KS an very thankful I did!

    Missed target but look out next year.

    My Buck killing skills are sick – too bad there not contagious!!! Big Bucks are easy - That's why I let them go and shoot little young ones :)
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    Thats a super year brudda! Congrats!

    I just couldn’t get it done here in Va this year. Had a great Illinois hunt and shot a few does here at home. Had my mind set on ONE buck, and just couldn’t close the deal on him. Had great season and seen a lot of bucks, just couldn’t get THE ONE in range!

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    Good going on a great season man!
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    Congrats on a great year… :thumbup =D/>” title=”Applause” /></div>

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    Jay Miller

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    Looks like a great year to me!!! Congrats.
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    Shoot, brag it up! That’s a great season. I shot a doe on the last day with 10 minutes of daylight left. :^O

    Wasn’t gonna but I could hear the landowners wife saying just a few weeks ago “I wish you boys would shoot some of these does running around here eating my garden”. Well, what was I to do”?

    I did see a couple good bucks in late Oct but none presented a decent shot. I was in Cali for the rut for work and once they start running the dogs around here for gun I’d just as soon not be in the woods. Wanted to go to the west in the mountains but just couldn’t work the dates.

    Despite the rampant blue tounge here I still had a great year. Even the doe I shot last saturday had half it’s hooves missing and some serious tears on it’s nostrils that were old and healed over (I’m not sure what that was from) otherwise she was fat and healthy. Apparently a survivor from blue blue tounge.

    Glad you had a great season. I enjoyed mine as well.

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    Deere Farmer

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    Congratulations James on a fantastic year! Sounds like you certainly deserve a great year with all the peopleyou help out in the woods. Like Troy mentioned, brag it up bud, those are some very nice deer. :thumbup =D/>” title=”Applause” />  <!-- s8D --><img src=
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    Congrats on a nice year! :thumbup
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    Congrats James. Glad to see you back in the grove. :thumbup
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    Congratulations James on a great season cannot wait to see what next year brings!
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    Looks like it was a great year, James 8D
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    Good job brother, I only got 4 here in Va this year but I had a great year.
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    Great year – 4 bucks in a bow-season is impressive. He many does did you stack up? ;)
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    Great year Brother! Congrats! Way better than mine has went so far. I still have until Feb 3 but its going to be tough.
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