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  • July 29, 2013 at 1:52 pm #586249 Back to Top REPORT

    Joined: 2/16/2013
    I am planning to buy these broadheads. I would just like to hear your opinion on them. I was planning to buy the 100 grain 2″ cut, while I shoot the ZXT 26/60.
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    gary johnson-5
    gary johnson

    Age: 54
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    Location: tx
    I have heard a lot of comments made on the swhackers and no doubt they are good, but I would not buy them until you compare against RAGE. I have shot deer with RAGE and the stopping power is incredible. I shot a 2 blade 100 grain into the shoulder of a mature buck at 17 yds. the RAGE went through the shoulder bone, through the both lungs, heart, and clean out the other side. Deer made it 40 yards. I will probably never shoot anything else after that experience, my son had a similar experience with the RAGE a year before.
    gary j johnson
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    I’ve used them and would not feel uncomfortable taking any game in North America with them I will be using them again this year.
    July 30, 2013 at 10:25 pm #586502 Back to Top REPORT

    Joined: 2/28/2012
    my experience with that design is from the original that swacker copied  (aftershock)  you need a lot of KE to get this head through an animal..my cousin and I used this design several years ago and he and I were hunting side by side  and I watched him shoot a deer a bit back (paunch) he was using a q2 set at 68lbs with a 400g arrow tipped with the aftershock head (same as the schwacker)  18 yard shot..no pass thru , typical gut shot blood trail (nothing)  we did recover the deer the next day but that was the last time either of us used that style of open inside broadhead..  maybe these are better but I think there are so many other options that are better .. these do get a lot of hype and exposure but in my opinion it isn’t any different then the aftershock.  my thought is if your going to use them make sure you have a good heavy set up.. the amount of engrgy they eat on the way in is huge

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    Location: ny
    I personally would not use them again. I used them for one season as did my hunting buddy we both agreed there are better choices out there. I settled on nap killzone last season with good luck, he went to rage and hasn’t looked back. I will be returning to fixed blade this season due to the fact I wont worry about another mechanical thing that can fail at the worst time.
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    apparently by the ads they have, if you’re going to hunts sheets of plywood, these are the ticket!!!!!!!!

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    They are a great broadhead. I switched to them last year and have had great results. I am using the 2 inch cut 100 grain. My set up is carbon express maxima hunters and a heli m 28 inch draw and 60 lbs. I had complete pass through on every deer I shot last year which was 15 (I was on a twp management hunt) and no deer went over 60 yds. The blades looked like like new and were super easy to replace. I switched from rage because the rage is not as durable I had missing blades from hitting ribs and the ones that were still on were very bent up, plus the blades are a bear to change.
    If you are shooting a set up lighter than mine I would use the 1.75 inch cut head. Go to youtube and type in shwacker. Watch the tests they do and form your own opinion. I just stating my experience with them. Hope this helps.
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