String Suppressor Tearing and Blow By (My FIX) A tad long

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    OK, I have been reading numerous posts and complaints about this issue. First let me say mine has never blown by but I have noticed it tearing them up. Also let me add I have this baby dead-on in all respects so no one can say maybe it’s a timing issue. Since I have three sets I decided to look into a fix. No readjusting the arms, no flipping them around or anything like that. I am not saying this might have worked for some.

    My idea here is partly from my thoughts on the Dead Stop or STS whichever you might or might not have. I have a STS type on mine. With the STS or Dead Stop most recommendations are the string just touching to a 1/16″ away. Mine is set at 1/16″ away. Now remove one of your string suppressors and from the side look through the rectangular hole. If it’s anything like mine you’ll notice the string anywhere from 1/8″ to 3/16″ beyond the opening. When the suppressor is in it actually pushes the sting back. Unlike the STS or Dead Stop. This tells me the string is hitting it with greater than needed force. So I took a set of the suppressors and with a dremel and one of those diamond cutters cut away with the same curve approximately 3/16″ of the rubber. Leaving enough where it goes through the arm for it to be flush with the inside of the arm. Hope you can follow me here. Picture below. I had to use my phone camera because my wife has the digital on vacation so it’s a bit blurry. But I think you can get the idea. Put them in the bow and the string now just touches the rubber. I have shot over 200 shot with it since and they still do there job and not even a mark left behind.

    Give it a try all you have to lose it a piece of rubber. Your going to tear it up anyway. Maybe Mathews will read this or someone who’s connected and give it a try at the factory. Then if it works for them they might have a bunch made and give all us who have the problem a free set.

    Hope this helps all you frustrated Reezen owners because this is one sweet bow.

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