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    New to the site. Awesome info and community.

    Been shooting for a while but fairly ignorant when it comes to tuning. Recently purchased a Creed and have shot a couple hundred times or so. Noticed tonight that the draw seemed long, peep position changed, groups opened up with field points. Tried broadheads (NAP Thunderheads) first time with new bow and were hitting consistently about 3.5 inches right at same elevation as FPs. Same hole at 40. Been shooting same BHs for a while now and never had the problem with impact point changing. Shot through paper and was tearing left. Paid close attention to torque but can’t rule out operator error.

    I’m thinking string stretched affecting form (too long of draw). Any advice would be much appreciated. Pro shop is about a 1.5 hr drive so if there’s anything I can do before making the trip….

    Mathews Creed with factory string

    30″ draw
    ~62 lbs dw
    29″ Carbon express red 350 with 85gr tips
    Bullet holes when paper tuned new

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    IMHO, it would be worth taking it back in an having the bow set back to specs and retuned in prep for hunting season. DL getting longer is a common sign of string stretch. The cam timing is probably off as well and the nock height has probably moved with the string stetch.
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    Yeah if the string has stretched you will notice the cam timing is off center of the timing hole in the cam. Also your axle to axle maybe be off. Take gjarcher’s advice and take it to your pro shop and have them put it back to spec. Then paper tune again and go from there.

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    Thanks. Took it back. Shop put a twist in the string. That subtle difference made a big change.
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