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    What would the string angle be on Z7extreme 28″ ?, How would it compare to the Z7? Thanks for any help.
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    Pa Hunter

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    The axle to axle length on Z7Extreme is 28″ whereas the axle to axle on Z7 is 30″. Therefore, the string angle is steeper on the Z7Extreme than the Z7. If you were asking for an exact angle, then I’m sorry I responded as I’m not sure. Either way, shoot straight
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    I was hoping for the exact angle, however, please note I welcome your response anytime.
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    My Z7Xt is at the shop for new strings. I’ll measure it when I get it out. 28″ ata & 28″ dl
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    that would be great.
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    :D I believe gjarcher/Brian posted the precise angle somewhere here at close to 28″ [if not 28"] search his posts or maybe PM him :thumbup


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    The Z7 and Z7 Extreme use the same ZX cam and idler. Brace height doesn’t figure directly into the string angle, which is determined from tip of idler and tip of cam at full draw.

    I have not measured string angles on the Z7 Extreme or ZXT or Z7. However, the Z7 Magnum (32″ ATA), which also uses the ZX cam/idler, at 28.5″ DL has a string angle of 35º.

    Based on the Z7 Mag’s geometry at 28.5″ full draw, I estimate the string angles at 28″ for the Z7 would be about 33.7º, and the Z7 Extreme/ZXT would be about 31.9º.

    FWIW, peeps are made to fit according to the bow’s string angle. Most peeps come with a choice of 35º or 45º. Selecting the peep that most closely matches the bow’s string angle will give a brighter, clearer sight image.

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    Thanks for info,
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